Sweet Home: Grave Torments
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Video Game Information
Japanese Title

スウィートホーム:グレーブストーメント (Suu~ītohōmu: Gurēbusutōmento)


Corpse Party
Corpse Party: New Blood


Devil's Light Studio
BraveVesperia101 (Original Concept)


RPG Maker VX Ace



Release Date(s)

TBA (FanFic version)
TBA (English Version)


Horror Adventure

Sweet Home: Grave Torments is one of the many sequels to Corpse Party: New Blood, the story takes place two months after the events of Corpse Party: New Blood and is based on the old Famicom horror game Sweet Home.


The Story follows Lunarvale Boy Schout Troop 125 as they venture into the haunted Mamiya Mansion to stay for a night, however little do they know that the tormented spirit of Lady Mamiya haunts the halls of the mansion and kills whoever is found inside it's halls, now aided with the legendary paranormal researcher Jessie Lowell they group will fight their way through zombies and the tormented souls from the grave.


  • Jeremy Belnades: Jeremy is the younger brother to Cheryl Belnades from Corpse Party: New Blood, he is the second in command of the group and the more level headed member and the main character of the story.
  • Roland Lowell: A survivor of the events of Corpse Party: New Blood, he still has his personality from New Blood and carries a camera to take pictures of the mansion that will help the player see ghosts.
  • Jude Hargreaves: The flamboyant member of the Troop, a quiet member who has a crush on his close friend Roland, he carries a the key to the Mamiya Mansion.
  • Lucas Maxwell: A childhood friend to Roland Lowell, his is the representitive of Boy Scout Troop 125, he is only mentioned in Corpse Party: New Blood.
  • Takeshi Okumura: A transfer Boy Scout from Japan, he is caught in the events of the game after being dragged to the Mamiya Mansion, he is the medic of the team and can heal their wounds.
  • Jessie Lowell: Another survivor of the events of Corpse Party: New Blood, he is the older brother to Roland Lowell and is a famous paranormal researcher along with his partner Adriana Echols, he entered the Mamiya Mansion to find the ghost of Lady Mamiya and to get evidence that she still lurks the halls of the cursed mansion.
  • Shinichi Nakamura: Jessie's mysterious employer and owner of the Mamiya mansion, he is seen in Corpse Party: New Blood and claims to be a survivor of "The Corpse Party Incident" two months prior of Grave Torments, he is acually the desendant of Ichiro Mamiya.
  • Lady Mamiya: The tormented ghost who haunts the halls of the Mamiya Mansion, she kills whoever is found in her house and will trap their souls in her mansion.


  • Sweet Home: Grave Torments is described as a side story and remake of Sweet Home for the Famicom.