Seven Sisters High School (七姉妹学園 [ななしまいがくえん],Nana-shimai Gakuen) is the main school where the characters of Corpse Party: New Blood attend, the school is located in the Arunagi suburbs which is a district of the Megalopolis Lunarvale on the border of Canada and the United States. Like Kisaragi Academy the School has a Junior High School, called Seven Sisters Junior High School, the school also rivials the near-by school of Kasugayama High School, St. John's Military Academy and Lunarvale Secondary High School.

School Emblem


Seven Sisters High School emblem

The School Emblem consits of seven stars, which is based on The Pleiades constellation, the Blue represents the High School while the Red and White represent the Junior High School.


High School Students


  • Alison Dennis (English Arts Teacher, Home Room Teacher, Class 59)
  • Ryoma Kashihara (History Teacher, Class 58) 

Junior High School Students


  • Seven Sisters High School is based off of Seven Sisters High School from Persona 2.
  • Seven Sisters is mentioned in Persona: Red Midnight which takes place in the same city as New Blood as the basketball team from Sevens plays a game with the team from Lunarvale Secondary.