Heh if you think you can kill me, go ahead Kizami! kill me now!

—Patrick James Lowell, Corpse Party: New Blood

Patrick James Lowell
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17 years old
24 Years old (Corpse Party: Restless Dreams -Homecoming-)




183 cm / 6'1"


129 kg / 285 lbs

Birth Date

July 5th Cancer Button

Blood Type

B (Rh+) type


Seven Sisters High School


High school student


12th grade


Classroom 65




Snacking, skipping Class, sleeping in


Being bothered, woken up early


Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Unknown Older Brother
Roland Lowell (Younger Brother)
Anna Lowell (Younger Sister)

Patrick James Lowell (Or known as P.J. for short) is a main character in Corpse Party: Restless Dreams and the older brother to Roland and Anna Lowell, he is also the main protagonist in Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~.


According to his friends, Patrick looks like a older and taller version of his younger brother Roland, he has a large build and is the tallest member of their class, he can be seen as sometimes very imposing to the younger students because of his height and weight, interestingly, Patrick has the same hair color and eye color as Roland, and the same hair style too, this caused his friends to Assume that they were twins, but Patrick told them they were not, because of Pat's chubby appearance he is often called 'Chubs', 'Big Guy' or 'Fat Pat' by his friends.


Giving off the aura of a delinquent, Patrick is seen as a rebellious teenager to his teachers all but their homeroom teacher, he is also the gang leader of the school is called Bancho by Kaori, but he is sometimes very laid back and often smiles a lot to his friends, Patrick is prone to outbursts of frustration when faced with difficult situations. Though he often means well, his actions can appear cold or even selfish to those around him.


Corpse Party: Restless Dreams

In Corpse Party: Restless Dreams, Patrick is one of the few student concil members of his Classroom in Class 65 and while he does not take his job seriously (only using his position to get out of hard work) he is one of the few people who even signed up for the job, the day before him and his friends were sent to Heavenly Host. He was one of the organizers of the Seven Sisters High School Festival and was stationed at a cafe with his friends where he promply threw a chair as someone laughing at him in a butler costume.

After the festival he along with his classmates were brought into the gym by Adriana and she asked them to preform a charm that she got from her Pen Pal with them since it was their last year together before graduation in June, they all agreed and his younger siblings joined in the charm as well however in the middle of it a group of mysterious figures appeared and preformed a charm of their own which sent the group into a reborn Heavenly Host.

For Chapter 3, Patrick is teamed up with Kaori Suou and Roland Lowell as the three of them try to find a way out of the school while being hounded by the ghost of Yuuya Kizami. They evantually manage to escape by jumping into another closed space thanks to the pocketwatch that Roland keeps on his person at all times, where they encounter students from another school from Japan and Kaori is able to translate what is being said between the two groups and they all decide to travel together for the rest of the chapter.

It is revealed the Lowell Family are the holders of the second copy of the Necronomicon, another version of the Book of Shadows that the Cult of Shinozaki and The Brotherhood are after, the Lowell Family were entrusted the book when the family left Ireland in 1912, it was thought that the book was lost when the RMS Titanic sank but instead it was revealed the the Necronomicon was saved in the sinking and is in the possession of the patriarch of the Lowell Family who is Adrian Lowell and Patrick's father.

The Necronomicon is the main reasion why the Lowell Family are able to see ghosts and communicate with spirits and this caused them to hunted down by both cults and even the Martuba's Tomb which sent Magari Mizuki to find out if the Lowells still had the book.

Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~

In an alternate ending, Patrick escaped Heavenly Host with his younger siblings, Lucas Amano and Rose Belnades, after High School he went to university and got his teachers degree and later married Rpse, after Rose's death he finally became the history teacher at Seven Sisters High School, left with two children he drifts from day to day thinking about his friends who passed on in the after life inside Heavenly Host, and the suicide of his sister Anna Lowell, becoming a borderline alcoholic in the process.

One day he is asked by one of his students Ariana Stewart, about what is troubling him and he tells her about his friends and what happened to them, after he tells her his story they are transported to Heavenly Host along with Roland and a couple of his students.


  • In one ending in both Restless Dreams and ~You Will (Not) Live~  Patrick loses an arm after preforming the Sachiko Ever After charm to escape it is never explained how he lost his arm but it is hinted that he was attacked by the ghost of Morishige who grabbed his arm and tried to pull him out of the charm after he stepped into Mayu's remains on the stage.
Significant plot details end here.