Authors' Notes

This is a thread that details what SahilD and I (Onbizzle) would do if we were in Corpse Party. While it didn't start out as a story, I think it'd be fun to do it as such. After each post, I will hand the reins over to Sahil, and vice versa, until we are done. If you are viewing on the mobile version, it may look weird, and typing is weird due to the screen locking in fixed positions, but try to read it as best as you can, and enjoy! And for the good of the story, this is the American version of Corpse Party. It allows for creativity.

WARNING: Contains VERY strong language, violence, possible suggestive themes, random acts of stupidity, and whatever else is in the actual Corpse Party. This was originally written on the Corpse Party Wikia, but was moved to here because... reasons.

Also, yes: I realize the character's dialogue may be a bit difficult to follow, as we did not do the correct format for dialogue, but the system is pretty easy to understand, once you finally do.

Warning: The parts that I wrote are pretty bad so just letting you know ahead of time - Sahil.

If any of my friends actually decide to read this and don't know the story to Corpse Party, then in advance, yes: Everything mentioned is more or less how the story goes. Don't question it, just remember this game was made in Japan. - Onbizzle.


It all starts as Onbizzle is walking to meet SahilD. Although he had met Sahil on the internet, he had been chatting with him for a while, discovering they had many things in common. Onbizzle felt that he was ready to do what friends do when they're young and have access to the internet: They do crazy rituals that they find on some person's blog! The ritual in question being Sachiko Ever After. As Onbizzle rounds the corner of Foreshadowing Road and Danger Street, he notices Sahil about 20 feet up the sidewalk. (Take it from here, Sahil)

As Sahil was at the end of the side walk waiting for Onbizzle, he was holding the paper doll for the Sachiko ever after charm. Waiting with anticipation, he was reminding himself over and over on how the charm should be performed. Then Onbizzle had arrived and Sahil started to explain the ritual to him, (Your turn Onbizzle)

"It's pretty simple," started Sahil. "All we do is grab the paper doll, say 'Sachiko, we beg of you.' in our heads for the number of people present, or two in this situation, and then we tear the doll apart." Onbizzle still felt uneasy. "Are you sure it's safe? Where did you find this ritual, again?" asked Onbizzle. "It was on this blog on the internet. Some girl named... Uh, damn... What was her name-- Oh, yeah! Some girl named Naho Saenoki posted it on her blog, said it's supposed to be a bonding ritual for friends." replied Sahil. "And you actually believe it?" asked Onbizzle. Sahil nodded. Onbizzle sighed. "Alright... Let's do this." (Your turn.) "Alright, then." said Sahil. He pulls out the doll and asks Onbizzle if he's ready. Onbizzle nods. "Alright, remember we say it twice. No more, no less, or else it will fail." said Sahil. "But what if it does fail?" asked Onbizzle, in a worried tone. "I have no idea. We might be cursed, we might die, we might be sent to a school torn down in the 70's that exists in another dimension, or nothing at all." replied Sahil "Okay, let's go." (Take it away Onbizzle!)

Onbizzle took a hold of the paper doll, grabbing by the head. Sahil held his grip at the feet. "Okay. Say 'Sachiko, we beg of you.' in your head, Onbizzle." said Sahil. "Sachiko, we beg of you. Sachiko, we beg of you." Onbizzle thought to himself. Sahil did the same. "Okay. You did it twice, right?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle nodded. "Alrighty, now we just tear the doll in half. And make sure not to lose it. The girl on the blog said that for it to work, you have to keep the scrap safe." said Sahil. He nodded to Onbizzle, and Onbizzle nodded back. "3...2...1... Pull!" said Sahil. He pulled his half while Onbizzle pulled the head. The doll was surprisingly resistant, but it eventually gave way and ripped into two. Onbizzle stared at the scrap, waiting for something to go wrong... But nothing happened. "Huh... I was kinda expecting something bad to--" Onbizzle started. The ground began to shake violently. "Oh what the hell?! An earthquake?!" Sahil stammered out. Onbizzle could hear dogs barking and car alarms going off. The earthquake felt like it was getting worse. Then, it happened. The ground at their feet started to crack and crumble away. "Oh God! We're going to fall in!" yelled Onbizzle. A large crack shot up the sidewalk, going right between Sahil and Onbizzle. One final, violent shake opened that crack into a gaping hole. "Well, shit..." said Sahil, and they both tumbled into the darkness. Onbizzle blacked out. (Go, Sahil!)

When Sahil had awoken he found they were in a strange place. "Ack. Where am I? What's going on?" Said Sahil (and why is there blood on the floor?) Sahil feels his head to make sure there isn't any bleeding. Sahil tries to stand. "AHH FUCK BALLS MONKEY JESUS!" Sahil collapse to the floor, realizing that his knee was dislocated. After a couple minutes of trying to relocate his knee Sahil gets up to survey where he was. (BIZZLE GO!) Sahil searched around the room that they landed in. He found Onbizzle, face down, towards the back corner of the room. "Hey. Onbizzle. Wake up." said Sahil, shaking Onbizzle. "Come on, dude. We gotta find out where we are." said Sahil, shaking harder, but to no avail. "Dude! Wake up!" yelled Sahil, now becoming annoyed. Onbizzle just continued to lay there. "WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP!" yelled Sahil, and kicked Onbizzle in the side. Onbizzle jumped up, gripping his side. "AH! What the hell, man?!" yelled Onbizzle, glaring at Sahil. He noticed Sahil looking around the room, so he did the same. The room they were in looked like a classroom of some sort. "What the--? Where are we?" asked Onbizzle. "Hell if I know." replied Sahil. Onbizzle took a step forward. As he did, the ghost of a young girl ran through the wall behind them, and out through the wall on the opposite side of the room. Onbizzle stared in disbelief. "Dude... Did you see that?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle remained silent. "Hey! Did you hear me?" asked Sahil, waving his hand in front of Onbizzle's eyes. "WHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT?!" yelled Onbizzle. "Ah, SHIT!" yelled Sahil, startled by Onbizzle's sudden outburst. Onbizzle quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed three digits and pressed the call button. "Who're you calling?" asked Sahil. "I'm calling the cops so they can rescue our asses!" replied Onbizzle. There was a beep from his phone. "Damn it all! Why is it that in every paranormal situation, phones never fucking work?!" yelled Onbizzle. Sahil smirked. "Isn't it obvious?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle looked at him with a confused look and shook his head. "It's so people can't call the Ghost Busters." said Sahil, with a grin. Onbizzle stared at him, then smacked him on the side of his head. "Ah! Bitch!" yelled Sahil. "Well. You two are just idiots aren't you?" asked a voice behind Onbizzle. He and Sahil jumped, and turned to the voice. There stood a girl. She had black hair, glasses, and a red star hair pin in her hair. "Hey... You look familiar. Aren't you... uh.. Damn! Why can I never remember?" asked Sahil. The girl rolled her eyes. "My name is Naho Saenoki--" started the girl. "Naho Saenoki! That's it! I didn't forget." said Sahil. Naho just stared at him. "Oh, uh... Sorry." apologized Sahil. "It's perfectly alright. You may be wondering where you are right now, yes?" asked Naho. Onbizzle and Sahil nodded. "Yes, I thought so. I can tell by you being here that you did the ritual on my blog. Let me be the first to welcome you to the magical Hell-dimension that is Heavenly Host Elementary School." said Naho. Lightning flashed outside of the school. (Switch!)

"HOLY BALLS!!!" Yelled Sahil as he jumped into Onbizzle's arms. "Dude...what are you doing?" asked an annoyed Onbizzle. "Oh...uhhh, nothing." said Sahil as he was dropped onto the floor. "Ow, that hurt man!" Sahil yelled. "Okay, I think I'll be leaving now." said Naho. "No! No, wait!" Sahil said as he got back on his feet. "Can you please explain just where the hell we are?" asked a confused Onbizzle. Naho cleared her throat and began. "Well for starters, you're in Heavenly Host Elementary school. You're here because you flubbed the Sachiko Ever After charm." (Pass!)

"What? What do mean we 'flubbed it'?" asked Onbizzle. "It's exactly what it sounds like. You, yes you two, messed up the Sachiko Ever After ritual." replied Naho. Onbizzle turned to Sahil. "I thought you said you knew what you were doing?" asked Onbizzle. "I did! I did exactly what her blog said to do!" replied Sahil. "Well, then that means that one of you messed it up on purpose, whether it be because you thought it was stupid, or you wanted to see what would happen if the ritual failed. Oh, and try not to die here, or your soul will be trapped forever." said Naho, with that creepy smile of hers. "What? No--" Onbizzle started, but Naho passed through the wall to her left. "Hey! Wait!" yelled Onbizzle, dashing for the classroom door. He yanked on the door handle, but it wouldn't open. "What the hell?! Is this thing locked?" said Onbizzle. Sahil walked over. "Watch out. You're just not pulling hard enough." said Sahil, pushing Onbizzle out of the way. Sahil started pulling on the door. "Uh. Heh. Just gotta. Uh..." said Sahil. He put his right foot on the door frame, and used it to add extra pulling force, but the door still remained closed. Onbizzle looked around for another way out. There was a door on the opposite side of the room. He ran over to it and pulled on the handle, but this door wouldn't open either. Onbizzle gave up on the doors and tried the windows. Each was locked as well. "Almost got it! I swear I do!" Onbizzle heard Sahil say in the background. Onbizzle was fed up with this room. He looked around and saw a small metal-frame chair on the ground. He picked it up. "This should work..." said Onbizzle. He turned and swung at the window as hard as he could, turning away so as to not get glass in his face. *pbdunk*. Onbizzle turned back to the window. "What the fuck?" he said to himself. Onbizzle swung again. *pbdunk*. The chair bounced off of the window like rubber. "What the fuck is going on in this school?!" screamed Onbizzle, throwing the chair across the room. The chair bounced and skid, and then fell into a hole in the floor. Two seconds later, Onbizzle heard it hit the floor below. "Huh?" said Onbizzle. He walked over to the hole, looking down to the floor below. "H-Hey! Sahil! Come here!" said Onbizzle, waving his hand for Sahil to come to him. Sahil gave up on the door and walked over to Onbizzle. "What? What is it?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle pointed to the hole. "I think the next floor down isn't too far a drop! I'm pretty sure we can get out this way!" replied Onbizzle. Sahil looked in the hole, but it was too dark to see the bottom. "Ehh... I dunno. That could be dangerous. Plus, I think I almost got this door." said Sahil, sounding nervous. "Pfft. Pussy..." said Onbizzle, and jumped in the hole. "Ah, dammit!" said Sahil. He looked around the room again, and decided that there wasn't any other way out. He readied himself and jumped in the hole. (Take it away, Sahil)

As Onbizzle and Sahil hit the floor they found themselves in a new class room which had open doors. "Told you it would work." said Onbizzle, looking quite pleased with himself. "Okay, then let's...WHATDAFUCKKK?!" Sahil had looked over at the chalk board and saw there was drawings on it. A man with scissors and 4 children were crudely drawn on the board. "Okay, I'm getting some trippy vibes from this room, man. We gotta get out." said Sahil as he grabbed Onbizzle. As they left the room they see a strange bucket on the floor with a yellow liquid inside. "Great! A piss bucket! What's next?! A giant trough full of shit?!" yelled Sahil in a frantic tone. (Your turn)

A cry echoed down the hall. "Did... Did you hear that?" asked Onbizzle, staring into the darkness of the hallway. "I didn't if you didn't..." replied Sahil, staring into the darkness as well. A scream shot down the hallway. Onbizzle and Sahil jumped. "Gah! I hate this fucking place!" yelled Sahil. Onbizzle started to walk down the hall. "Dude! Where are you going?!" asked Sahil. Onbizzle raised a finger towards Sahil, wanting him to be quiet. "Oh! I know you did NOT just shush me!" whispered Sahil, following Onbizzle. They walked to the end of the hall. Onbizzle peeked around the corner. He saw a sign for a boys' bathroom. He rounded the corner, walking past the boys' bathroom and stopping outside of the girls' bathroom. Onbizzle pressed his ear to the door, and a choking sound emitted from it. "It's coming from in here. Stay here and keep a look out." said Onbizzle. "Yes, sir. I will, sir. Want me to kiss your ass while I'm at it, sir?" replied Sahil, sarcastically. Onbizzle turned and looked at Sahil with a serious face. "Dude, it's cool. I'm on it." said Sahil, raising his hands in a "we're cool" fashion. Onbizzle turned back to the door, sliding it open. He walked into the bathroom and heard a choking cough. Onbizzle walked towards the back of the bathroom. He heard a cough from the second to last stall. He noticed something above the stall, squinting to get a better look. His heart skipped a beat.

There was a rope tied to the support beam, hanging down into the stall. Onbizzle ran to the stall and kicked the door in. "What the hell?!" said Onbizzle. There was a girl hanging there, not moving. Onbizzle rushed and hoisted her onto his shoulders. "Oh, God! Please still be alive!" said Onbizzle in a frantic tone. The girl shook, coughing and sputtering. "Oh thank goodness! Sahil! GET IN HERE!" screamed Onbizzle. He heard heavy running footsteps. Sahil came into view around the stall door. "What?! What is it-- What the hell is going on in here?!" asked Sahil. "Never mind that! Untie the rope!" yelled Onbizzle. "Oh, right!" said Sahil. He squeezed into the stall, reaching up and releasing the rope from the beam. Onbizzle lowered the girl to the floor, putting her on her back. He hurried to her head and removed the noose from her neck. She sat up, coughing and crying. "It's okay, you're alright now." said Onbizzle, putting a hand on her shoulder. The girl turned and hugged Onbizzle, crying into his shoulder. Surprised, Onbizzle patted her head, never having been in this situation before. "It's, uhh... You're okay. Everything's okay..." said Onbizzle, looking to Sahil for what to do. Sahil simply shrugged. The girl eventually calmed down enough to where she stopped crying, but still gave off some slight coughs. "You okay?" asked Sahil. She nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay..." she replied, clearing her throat. "What's your name?" asked Onbizzle. She turned to him. "My name's Seiko. Seiko Shinohara." she replied. (Your turn Sahil) "Well, it's nice to meet you Seiko." Sahil said. "Now can you please explain...why were you hung by a noose?" Seiko started to cry uncontrollably. Onbizzle just glared at Sahil. "Okay, I think we should get going. This place is starting to give me the creeps." Sahil said. Onbizzle and Seiko nod and follow him out of the bathroom.

As they were walking down the hall, Sahil hears a noise, like footsteps. "SHH! Get down! Behind the wall." Sahil said in a hushed tone. As they ducked behind the wall, Seiko sees Sahil pull something out out of his pants. "I-I-I-Is that a-aa-aa-a gun?!" Seiko asked in a shocked tone. "Shhh..." Sahil said. As the footsteps grew louder, Sahil peaked around the corner and saw a dark figure. Sahil went around the corner and yelled "Friend or foe?! Don't fuck with me! I'm armed!" The figure stopped and stepped into the light. Seiko jumped and yelled "Naomi!", running to the girl, and hugged her. "Where the fuck did you get the gun?!" Onbizzle asked in a frantic tone. (Take it away Onbizzle) "Dude, relax. It's not even loaded." whispered Sahil. Onbizzle turned back to Seiko and Naomi. "So uhh... Seiko. This is your... friend?" asked Onbizzle. "Yup! This is my Naomi!" replied Seiko. Sahil tucked the gun back in his pants. Onbizzle looked over this girl, Naomi. "Seems to be alright... But..." Onbizzle thought to himself. He then noticed something strange about Naomi: she seemed to have a cold, almost soulless stare. "Naomi! What happened back there? You... You tried to kill me!" said Seiko, having forgotten about it due to the happiness of seeing Naomi again. Onbizzle was confused by this statement. "What did you just say?" asked Sahil. Seiko turned to Sahil. "What? What do you mean?" asked Seiko. "You just said that Naomi 'tried to kill you'?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah? What about it?" replied Seiko. Onbizzle was dumbfounded. "Yes, Naomi tried to kill me, but I could NEVER be mad at my Naomi!" said Seiko, rubbing against Naomi's face with her face. "Seiko... I think you might have some mental shock and difficulties from the whole situation and being deprived of oxygen." said Onbizzle, trying to reason with Seiko. "Huh? What do you mean?" asked Seiko, confused. "You're telling me that Naomi tried to KILL YOU, and you're totally cool with it?" asked Sahil. "Aww! Naomi didn't mean it, did you Naomi?" asked Seiko, looking up a Naomi's face. But Naomi was staring at Onbizzle. Onbizzle just stared right back. "Heeeeey~! Naomi! You in there?" asked Seiko, poking Naomi's face. Naomi's right eye twitched. She suddenly, and very quickly, grabbed Seiko's wrist with one hand and her throat with the other, slamming her against the wall and choking her. "Holy shit!" yelled Sahil. Onbizzle ran over, pulling Naomi off of Seiko, and restraining her. It finally got to Seiko: Naomi wanted to kill her. Seiko started crying and took off running down the hallway. "Hey, Seiko! Wait!" yelled Sahil. Naomi was thrashing violently, wanting to be released. "Sahil! Help me!" said Onbizzle. "I'm on it!" said Sahil. He ran over, squeezing Naomi's collar. "What the hell are you doing?" asked Onbizzle. "Just watch!" replied Sahil. Naomi's thrashing started to calm, and she eventually passed out. "Dude. Nice trick." said Onbizzle, lowering Naomi to the floor and then propping her against the wall. "Alright. While she's under, I'm gonna go find Seiko. You stay here and make sure she doesn't hurt anyone." said Onbizzle. "How come I have to stay here with Chokey McSeiko Murderer?" asked Sahil. "Because. You have the gun. You have the Knockout Grip. And I'll hurt you if you don't." replied Onbizzle. "You know what?! I'm gettin' tired of you thinkin' you can just bully me into whatever you want to do! Keep talking to me like that and I'm gonna kick your ass!" yelled Sahil. "Do something, then." said Onbizzle. "Alright, fucker! You asked for it!" yelled Sahil. He swung at Onbizzle with his right fist. Onbizzle blocked it with his left forearm, kicked the side of Sahil's left knee, bringing him to his knee, and forced palmed him onto his back. "You done?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah... I'm done." replied Sahil. Onbizzle outstretched his hand, which Sahil took a hold of. Onbizzle pulled Sahil to his feet. "You stay here with her, control her if she comes back all crazy, and I'll be back." said Onbizzle. "Yeah. I'm on it." said Sahil, rubbing his chest. Onbizzle turned and took off running down the hall where Seiko had run off to. "Fucking asshole!" said Sahil when he thought Onbizzle was out of earshot. He sat down on the floor opposite of Naomi. "Stay here! Watch this crazy bitch! Blah, blah, blah!" said Sahil in a high-pitched, mocking voice. Sahil rolled his eyes and put his focus on Naomi. Onbizzle ran to the end of the hall. "Shit! Where did you go, Seiko?!" said Onbizzle. He was at a hallway intersection. "Fuck! FUCK! If she gets hurt, it's all my fault!" he said to himself. He decided to go right. Onbizzle ran off into the darkness. Sahil was on his feet, air boxing. "Oh yeah, Onbizzle? Gonna bitch me like that? Lucky you caught me off guard this time. Next time, you won't be so lucky... Hiyah!" said Sahil, karate kicking the air. "Ah, fuck!" groaned Sahil, losing his balance and falling over. He quickly got to his feet, trying to play it off. "What the HELL are you doing?" asked a voice. "HOLY SHIT!" screamed Sahil, almost jumping out of his skin. He turned to the voice. "Hey! There you are, Naho!" exclaimed Sahil. Naho had been there the whole time.

Onbizzle found a stairwell. "Please let her be okay!" he said, huffing up the stairs. He reached the top of the stairs and continued searching. Onbizzle came to another intersection. "Agh! Dammit!" said Onbizzle, not sure which way to go. All of a sudden, he heard Seiko crying from his left. "Oh, thank God!" Onbizzle said, running in the direction of Seiko's crying. He ran by an open classroom. Something inside caught his eye. He ran back to the door. Inside the classroom was a small figure. A little girl in a red dress. "Nng! No time!" said Onbizzle, continuing to run to Seiko. "Seiko? Seiko?!" yelled Onbizzle. The crying had stopped. He ran to the end of the hallway. He looked right, nothing but darkness. He looked left, nothing but-- wait. What's that? Onbizzle saw a figure slumped over in the darkness. "Seiko...?" asked Onbizzle. No response. He slowly walked towards the figure. Onbizzle put his hand on the wall. "AH, FUCK!" he screamed, pulling his hand in. He looked at his palm, and there was somewhat deep slash in the center. "What the hell?" asked Onbizzle. He looked at the wall where his hand had been. There was blood running down the wall. He noticed something shiny. "What is that?" he asked himself. He looked closer. It was piano wire. "What the fuck?" asked Onbizzle, confused. He turned back to the figure. He slowly walked toward it, and then noticed that this whole hallway was strung up with piano wire. He looked down at the figure, which was bathed in shadows. Onbizzle reached down and grabbed the figure's ankle. He pulled it out into the light, and almost puked. It was a person, but their head had been severed by the piano wire. Onbizzle fell on his ass, scrambling backwards from the body. His hand brushed something wet. Onbizzle looked down and screamed. It was Seiko's head. "AAHHHHHHHH! FUCK!" screamed Onbizzle, jumping to his feet, pressing his back against the wall. "S... Seiko?" asked Onbizzle, almost expecting her to answer. He looked at Seiko's head, and then the body. "Oh... Oh no.." said Onbizzle, finally realizing what happened. He dropped to his knees. "Fuck... No, God dammit! No!" said Onbizzle, punching the floorboards. Sahil noticed a strange smile come across Naho's face. "What's with that smile?" asked Sahil. Naho stopped smiling. "Huh? Oh, nothing. My mind is just... elsewhere..." she replied. (Switch!) "Oh, no. I know your type. The crazy bitch who doesn't show emotion unless shit's going down!" Sahil said. "And if you're not going to tell me, I'm gonna shoot it out of ya!" Sahil pulls out his gun and pops in a magazine. He takes two shots at Naho's legs but the bullets just pass through her. "Whaa?! Oh God dammit, I forgot you're a ghost!" Sahil Said. Naho just laughed and goes back into the darkness. Sahil sits back down. Naomi started to stir and woke up. Sahil jumped to his feet. As Naomi wakes up, she asks what had happened. And why was she in this hallway with Sahil. (Pass it to you Onbizzle)

"Wh-- huh? Where am I?" Naomi asked, rubbing her head. She looked up to see Sahil pointing the gun at her face. "AAHHHHH! WHAT THE HELL?!" she screamed, pressing herself against the wall as much as she could. "Just be cool. Are you alright? You not crazy anymore?" asked Sahil, pointing the gun at her forehead. Naomi started to cry. "I don't know what's going on!" she said through her tears. "I'm guessing by your newfound speaking ability that you're no longer out for blood." said Sahil, putting the gun away. Naomi curled up in a ball, crying even harder. She eventually calmed down and stopped crying. "W-What is going on?" she asked, sniffling. "That's what I want to know. You were all crazy-lady mode, tryin' to ki--" Sahil started. Naomi glanced up at Sahil. "Trying to do what?" she asked, noticing he was staring off into the hallway. She looked down the hallway as well, hearing trudging footsteps. Sahil gripped the gun, ready for anything. A big figure took form in the darkness. Sahil pulled out the gun, pointing it at the figure. "'Bizzle? Is that you?" said Sahil, taking aim. "Yeah, it's me. Put that thing away before you shoot yourself in the foot." replied Onbizzle, stepping into the light. He walked over to Sahil, who was putting the gun away. Onbizzle glanced down at Naomi, seeing that she didn't have that cold stare. He kneeled down to her face level. "Are you okay?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little shaken up. It's kinda hard to be mentally sound when you wake up with a loaded gun pointed at your face..." replied Naomi. Onbizzle turned and looked at Sahil. "I thought it wasn't loaded?" asked Onbizzle. Sahil rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Uhh... Yeah, it wasn't loaded. But then Naho showed up, and she wouldn't tell me what she knew, so then the gun BECAME loaded. And I kinda forgot she was a ghost..." replied Sahil. "What? Naho was here?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah. She showed up while I was watching Naomi, scaring the shit out of me again, mind you. Anyway, she got this weird smile on her face, and when I asked her about it, she said her mind was 'elsewhere'. Me being a super detective, I knew that with a girl like her, when she shows emotion, it's never good. Then one thing led to another, now I've got a loaded gun, minus two bullets, and Naho is being a smug bitch somewhere." explained Sahil. "Elsewhere...? What--" started Onbizzle. "Hey. Uh... Where's Seiko?..." asked Naomi, looking down the hallway. Onbizzle's heart skipped a beat. He turned back to Naomi. "Uhh... I'm not going to lie, because it's just going to get worse..." replied Onbizzle. Naomi looked at him confused. "Seiko... Seiko is no longer with us..." said Onbizzle, looking at the ground. Naomi remained silent. Onbizzle glanced up at her. "Oh..." she finally said. She started to shake, emotionally and mentally effected by this. Naomi just said nothing. She just sat there, silent and shaking. Onbizzle started to shake too. But... this wasn't due to the emotional tension. "What the hell?!" yelled Sahil, who was also shaking. The whole building started to shake. "Another earthquake?!" yelled Onbizzle. The building shook and shuttered, finally coming to rest a few seconds later. "Is it over?" asked Sahil, looking around. "Yeah, I think so..." replied Onbizzle. He turned back to Naomi, who still just sat there. "Uh... Naomi. If you want, we can go see her... Before we keep looking for a way out?" asked Onbizzle. He put a hand on her shoulder, and she immediately burst into tears. "Seiko! Oh, God! Seeeikoooooo!" cried Naomi, again curling up into a ball. She cried into her knees. Onbizzle looked back at Sahil, who simply shrugged again. Onbizzle turned back to Naomi. He sat down beside her. "I know, Naomi. I'm going to miss her, too." said Onbizzle. He put his hand on her shoulder again, and she turned and hugged him, crying into his shoulder, just as Seiko had. This time, Onbizzle hugged back. "Oh, yeah. You get all the vagina in here..." said Sahil. Onbizzle kicked him in the shin. "Ah, fuck!" said Sahil, grabbing his shin. Naomi continued to cry over the loss of her friend. Footsteps echoed down the hall. Sahil and Onbizzle looked at the end of the hallway. Onbizzle nodded to Sahil, and Sahil nodded back.

Sahil took out his gun, pointing it up the hallway. The footsteps came closer. "Sounds like someone's running... They don't sound big, though..." whispered Sahil. He tightened his grip on the pistol, and lined his finger along the side of the trigger so he doesn't accidentally fire. The footsteps were getting closer. Onbizzle heard crying now. "You hear that?" whispered Sahil. Onbizzle nodded, not taking his eyes off of the corner of the hallway. A small figure came running around the corner. Sahil lined up his shot. "Help! Please help me!" said a tiny voice. "Is... Is that a small child?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle remained silent. The tiny figure came into the light. It was indeed a child. A small girl who looked frightened. Sahil quickly put the gun away. "Help!" the little girl said, hiding behind Sahil. "Huh? Help with what?" asked Sahil, turning back to the end of the hall. "Yuuuuuuuuka? Where are you Yuka?" a creepy voice came around the corner. Another figure came around the corner, running towards them. "Ugh! I'm gettin' tired of doing this." said Sahil, pulling out the gun, aiming it at the new figure. The figure slowed it's running to a walk, and seemed to put its hands up in surrender. "Come into the light. Slowly." said Sahil, aiming at the figures head. The figure slowly walked out into the light. He had black hair and glasses, and had a cell phone in his hand. "Why are you chasing this girl?" Sahil demanded. Yuka peeked around Sahil's leg. "Oh! There you are Yuka!" said the boy. "Come along now. We have to find your brother." he said, holding out his hand for Yuka to take. Sahil looked down to Yuka, who looked back at him, shaking her head. Sahil turned back to this boy. "Yeah, that's not happening. You can leave now." said Sahil. "I wasn't asking." replied the boy. He took a step forward to take Yuka. Sahil tossed the gun up, catching it by the barrel, and smacked the boy in the mouth with the butt. The boy fell to the floor, spitting up blood. "Go on. Get the fuck out of here." said Sahil, aiming the gun back at him. "I wasn't going to harm her, I just wanted--" started the boy. Sahil clicked the safety off. "Alright! I get it." said the boy, getting to his feet. "I'll see you later, Yuka..." he said, turning and walking back into the shadows, and then disappearing around the corner. Sahil put the safety back on and tucked the gun away. "Thank you! Thank you so much!" said Yuka, crying into Sahil's pant leg. "Oh, uhhh... It's cool. That guy was a creep." said Sahil, patting her head. Yuka turned to Onbizzle and Naomi, who had calmed down a bit. "Naomi! There you are!" said Yuka. Naomi glanced up. "Yuka?... Is that you?" asked Naomi. "Mmhmm!" said Yuka, nodding. "Where's Satoshi?" asked Naomi. "Oh, uh... I don't know exactly. He took me to use the bathroom, but then I got attacked by a ghost! I ran back to where he was, but he was gone when I got there. I went looking for him, and I ran into that Morishige guy. And then I started running and I ended up here." she replied. "Ha! Morishige... What a dumb name..." said Sahil. "Satoshi..." Naomi mumbled. "Hey, where's Seiko?" asked Yuka, looking around. Naomi burst into tears again. Yuka looked up at Sahil, who shook his head at her. "Oh..." said Yuka, looking at the ground. (Tag out!)

"Okay, Naomi we need you to calm down, okay?" Sahil said as he hugged her trying to calm her down. "It's okay, we're going to help you find your friends and a way out. We just got to make sure Bizzle doesn't pull a 'Fred' on us." said Sahil. "What do you mean 'Pull a Fred on us'?" asked a slightly annoyed Onbizzle. "Well, by that, I mean as long as we don't split up in this God forsaken hell hole then we'll be fine. But if we ever do, we need a code. Just so I don't accidentally shoot one of y'all in the head." said Sahil. "Okay, how about if you yell 'Star', then we have to reply 'Texas'." replied Onbizzle who was getting tired of sitting around. Noticing that Naomi has finished crying Sahil looked at her and asked, "Ready to go?". Everyone nodded and the set off. As they were walking down the hall, Sahil whispered to Bizzle "So what exactly happened to Seiko? Naho seemed really fuckin' pleased when she showed up." (I pass the reigns over to you Bizzle) Onbizzle looked to Naomi, who hadn't started crying over the mentioning of Seiko, but she did look very sad. "Uhhh... I'd rather not say..." Onbizzle whispered back. The four continued down the hall. They rounded the corner and came to the intersection that Onbizzle had come to. Onbizzle looked right, but the path there was destroyed. "What the hell? That path was there when I was looking for Sei-- uh... You-know-who." said Onbizzle. "Maybe the school shifted after the earthquake?" said Yuka. "Yeah. Maybe..." said Onbizzle. Onbizzle, Sahil, and Yuka continued by going forward, but Naomi just stood at the intersection. Sahil turned to her. "Hey... You comin'?" he asked. Onbizzle and Yuka stopped and turned as well. "I want to see her..." said Naomi, who was looking at the floor. "Uh... Are you sure? I don't think--" Onbizzle started. "I WANT to see her." Naomi interrupted. Onbizzle sighed. "Alright," he said. "but we're going to have to find another way around."

Onbizzle walked back and looked to his left at the destroyed path. He noticed a classroom door on his side, and one on the other side of the gap in the floor. "Hey, maybe we can cut through there." he said. Onbizzle led everyone to the door, and pulled it open. "Hey, one that isn't locked!" said Sahil. They stepped inside and check out the room. "Another classroom..." said Onbizzle. He walked over to the other door, and pulled on it... But it wouldn't open. "Oh, you've GOT to be kidding me!" exclaimed Onbizzle, yanking on the door. "Ah, fuck. We're going to have to double back and--" he started. The other door slammed shut behind Sahil. Sahil turned and yanked on the door handle. "No! No, no, no! Not this shit again!" yelled Sahil, pulling on the handle as hard as he could. Yuka started cowering behind Naomi. They heard a high-pitched laugh echo through the room. "What the hell is that?!" yelled Sahil, who was freaking out. The ghost of a small girl came through the wall. Onbizzle's eyes widened. It was her! The girl in the red dress! She laughed as she floated down to the floor. "Wh-What do you want from us?" stammered Onbizzle. She took out a rusty, blood-soaked pair of scissors. Yuka started screaming and crying. The ghost flew at Onbizzle, pointing the blade of the scissors outward. He quickly reacted, grabbing the scissors near the handle, barely stopping them from entering his torso. The ghost girl laughed a high-pitched laugh, which then turned into a demonic cackle. The ghost was surprisingly strong, and the blades slowly got closer to Onbizzle's heart.

All of a sudden, a charm flew and hit the ghost girl in the face. "AAGH!" screamed the ghost girl. She recoiled, and flew out through the wall that she entered. Onbizzle dropped the scissors and turned to who threw the charm. "Of course... Naho." said Onbizzle. "You're welcome." said Naho, with a smirk. "You gotta stop appearing and then disappearing like that." said Sahil. "Well, I can't be around you two all day long. I'm here for a reason, you know." replied Naho. "Oh yeah? And what reason is that?" asked Onbizzle. "None of your damn business, that's what." replied Naho, crossing her arms. "Whatever." said Onbizzle, looking away. "Oh would you two just kiss and make up already? Onbizzle, we came here for a reason." said Sahil, pointing to Naomi. "Oh, right." said Onbizzle, turning to Naomi. He turned back to Naho. "Thanks for the help, have a nice non-life, blah, blah, blah..." said Onbizzle, walking past Naho. He pulled the door open. "Yes! Come on, guys." said Onbizzle, waving his hand for them to follow. The four walked into the hall. "Alright, now I went forward, and up the stairs." said Onbizzle. They walked past a dead body. "Don't look, Yuka." said Sahil, putting himself between Yuka and the body. They walked up the stairs. "Okay. Now I went... left." said Onbizzle turning left at the intersection. They walked past the open classroom door, and Onbizzle glanced inside. He saw another body, with a pair of scissors stuck in the throat. "Yeesh... That ghost girl has some SERIOUS problems..." whispered Onbizzle. They came to the last intersection. "Alright, she should be right here. Don't look Yuka." said Onbizzle. They made the last left. "What? What the hell?!" said Onbizzle.

Seiko's body was gone, but the pool of blood was there. "Oh, God..." said Sahil. Naomi burst into tears again. "Sahil, get her and Yuka out of here!" said Onbizzle. Sahil took Naomi and Yuka back around the corner. Onbizzle turned back to the hallway. "What the hell happened?" he asked himself. "She was probably taken by someone." said Naho. Onbizzle jumped, and then sighed. "What do you mean 'she was probably taken'?" asked Onbizzle. "Really? Does nothing I say make any sense to you? Is it all really just a big mystery?" asked Naho. Onbizzle just stared at her. Naho sighed. "It's EXACTLY what it sounds like: Someone came and took her body." she said. "But why?" asked Onbizzle. Naho shrugged. Onbizzle turned back to the blood pool. He noticed something leading away from it, and going back from where they had come. "Blood droplets..." he mumbled. Onbizzle stood and followed the blood back. He walked past the intersection and went straight. "Dude, where are you going?" asked Sahil. "There's a blood trail. It'll probably lead to the person who took Seiko's body. Come on." replied Onbizzle. Sahil, Naomi, and Yuka followed behind Onbizzle. They walked to the end of the hallway, and the blood drops went behind a red door. "Custodian's office..." said Onbizzle, reading the sign on the door. He walked over to the door and pulled on the handle, but it didn't open. "Great, another stuck door." said Sahil. "No, it's locked. Hear that metal clicking? There has to be a key around here somewhere." said Onbizzle. "We have to find it." mumbled Naomi. "Agreed." said Onbizzle. "What? What do we need a key for when I got a lock pick right here?" said Sahil, pulling out his gun. "No, Sahil! Don't!" yelled Onbizzle, but Sahil already shot at the lock. The bullet hit the lock, ricocheting off and nearly hitting Yuka in the face. She started crying. Onbizzle punched Sahil in the back of the head. "What the hell, man?! Why would you do that?! This is a PARANORMAL SCHOOL! Why did you think that would work?!" screamed Onbizzle. "Sorry, dude! I don't know, I just thought it would!" said Sahil, rubbing the back of his head. Onbizzle glared at him. "If you don't start THINKING before you act, I'm going to take it as a threat, and I. Will. END. YOU. Do you understand?!" screamed Onbizzle. "Aw, dude... Don't say that! You can't be serious?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle just glared. Sahil looked down at the floor. Onbizzle turned and walked down the hall to his left. Naomi and Yuka followed, and Sahil followed after a couple of seconds. (Sahil, if you would please?)

As they were walking back through the hall trying to find the key to the custodian's office, Sahil sped up to catch up to Naomi and Yuka. "Are you two all right?" Sahil asked as he was quickening his pace. "Yeah, I'll be fine *sniffle*" Yuka replied but Naomi was just silent. "Naomi? Are you all right?" There was no reply, just silence. Sahil sped up to catch up to Onbizzle. "Hey, 'Bizzle. Do you think we should tell her-- Dude, your hand! It's bleeding like crazy!" Sahil exclaimed. "Here, I'll patch it right up." Sahil said as he searched himself for something to help the wound. "Dammit..uhh, here!" Sahil tore off a piece of his shirt to help bandage the wound. "That'll help for a bit, but we need to find you an Infirmary see if there is anything that can dress the wound properly." Then, after saying, that Naomi dropped to her knees and started to cry. "Oh no...Naomi what's wrong?" Sahil asked as he went over to help her stand. As Naomi gets up, she latches on to Sahil, inexplicably hugging him. As he hugs back he asks her "What's wrong Naomi? What happened? Why are you crying?" Naomi trying to speak past her tears is finally able to talk. "Please....don't make me go back there." Confused, Onbizzle asks "What place are you talking about?" Naomi responded quickly "The Infirmary! Please i don't want to go back!" As he is trying to calm her down Sahil asks "Okay. But...What happened there? Why do you not want to go back?" (Would you kindly take over Onbizzle)

"It all started when Seiko and I got to this school. We woke up in a classroom, and my ankle had been injured from the fall. Seiko was so worried about me that she demanded we go to the Infirmary... While we were resting, Seiko said she had heard Yuka's voice. She went to go investigate. Soon after she left, I was attacked by this... thing... It was some kind of spirit, but like a shadow creature..." said Naomi, starting to cry again. "I finally got out of that room, and when Seiko came back, I took my frustration out on her, saying how I almost died, and she wasn't there, and she would be dead if she didn't start taking this situation seriously, and how she thought our families would feel if we died in this place... And me yelling at her was that last thing I ever got to say to her!" she said. Naomi then burst into tears again, crying into Sahil's shoulder. "Just, please... Please don't make me go back there!" she stifled through her tears. Sahil looked at Onbizzle, who shook his head, and Sahil nodded. "Don't worry, Naomi..." said Sahil, turning back to Naomi. "We won't make you go back there." Naomi looked up at him. "Thank you... Thank you!" said Naomi, crying even harder now. "Come on, let's keep moving." said Onbizzle, continuing to walk. Yuka ran to catch up, as Sahil led Naomi after Onbizzle. Yuka tugged on Onbizzle's pant leg. "Hmmm?" Onbizzle sounded as he looked down to Yuka. She was holding a handkerchief "Here. You can use this on your hand. Naomi gave it to me back in the classroom to wipe my tears." said Yuka, holding out the handkerchief. Onbizzle took it. "Hmm.. Thank you." he said, and wrapped it around his injured hand. "Mmhmm!" Yuka responded. They were at the end of the hallway. "Left or right?" asked Onbizzle. "Well... I would take Solid Snake's advice and keep left." said Sahil. Onbizzle was going to call him an idiot, but then remembered that video game characters had never let him down before. They turned left. They passed by a classroom, and Onbizzle saw something through the window. "Hey... What's that?" he asked, pointing to the object. Sahil pressed his face against the glass to get a better look. "It looks like... a key or something..." said Sahil. He looked at Onbizzle, and Onbizzle was already looking at him. "You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" asked Sahil. "I think so!" replied Onbizzle.

Sahil slid the door open, but the key was gone. "What the hell?" asked Onbizzle. Sahil pointed to the other side of the room. "It's over there now!" he said. There was a huge gap in the floor, so they would have to go around by the hallway. They left the room and ran to the other door. Onbizzle slid the door open. They key was gone again. "Shit!" yelled Onbizzle. He looked and, sure enough, the key was on the other side of the room. "Dude, I got an idea." said Sahil. Onbizzle turned to him. "You wait on this side, right where that key is going to be. I'll run to the other side, and when it teleports, you grab it!" said Sahil. "Yeah... That might work!" said Onbizzle. He ran to where the key would be. "Alright, I'm ready!" he yelled to Sahil. Sahil ran to the other side of the room, and the key teleported in front of Onbizzle. He quickly reached down and grabbed it. "Yes! Got it!" said Onbizzle, holding up the key. "I knew it would work!" said Sahil. They ran back out into the hallway. "Yup! This is it! 'Custodian Office'." said Onbizzle, reading the label. "Nice! Let's get in there!" said Sahil. He held up his hand for a high five. Onbizzle met Sahil's hand with his own. "You ready, you two?" Onbizzle asked Naomi and Yuka. "Yeah!" said Yuka. Naomi just simply nodded. "Alright, let's go--" Onbizzle started. The hallway started to shake. "Oh, fuck! Not again!" stammered Sahil. The ground started to crack and splinter. "Watch out!" yelled Onbizzle. He pushed Naomi into Sahil, sending them flying back. He grabbed Yuka and dove backwards, narrowly avoiding the collapsing floor. The floor fell apart where they were standing, leaving a huge hole, and leaving them separated. Onbizzle got to his feet, helping Yuka up. "You two alright over there?!" yelled Onbizzle. "Yeah! Yeah, we're okay!" Sahil yelled back. The dust cleared from the air. "Ah, dammit! What are we going to do now?!" yelled Sahil. "Here! Take this!" said Onbizzle, and tossed the key to him. Sahil caught it. "Take Naomi to the custodian's office, and Yuka and I'll come around a different way." said Onbizzle. Sahil nodded, taking Naomi's hand and running off. "Let's go, Yuka." said Onbizzle, turning and walking down the hall. "Wait for me!" she said, running after him. Yuka grabbed his non-injured hand for safety.

They rounded the corner and went down the stairwell to their left. Sahil and Naomi rounded the corner at the end of the hall. They saw a dark figure outside of the custodian's office. "Shit! Get down!" whispered Sahil. The figure was reading the sign on the door. "Custodian's office, huh?" said the person. "Satoshi?!" yelled Naomi, running towards the figure. "W-Wait, Naomi!" yelled Sahil. Naomi ran and hugged the person. "Naomi?!" said the person. "Oh thank goodness! Satoshi!" said Naomi, hugging the figure again. Sahil caught up to Naomi. "So... Who's your friend?" asked Sahil. (Solid Snake says: Your turn, Sahil) "This is Satoshi, and I'm so happy to see that he is all right!" Naomi said as she almost hugged the life out of him. "Satodi? Satohi? Satosa?" Sahil tried to pronounce Satoshi's name, but just couldn't say it. "Sa-To-Shi." Naomi said so Sahil could actually say his name right. "Anyway, nice to meet you Satoshi." Sahil said as he put his hand out to greet him. "Nice to meet you as well...What was your name?" Satoshi asked. "His name is Sahil." Naomi responded still attached to Satoshi. "So, I guess you're here for the same reason my friend and I are?" asked Sahil. Satoshi with a confused look looked around the room "Where is your friend? And did you mess up the Sachiko Ever After charm as well?" Sahil nodded and said "We were separated earlier by an earthquake. I was on this side with Naomi and he was with a little girl... gahhh what was her name... Yuka, I think it was." The moment Sahil said Yuka Satoshi's eyes grew big and asked if she was okay. "Don't worry" Sahil said, "She is perfectly safe with my friend." Sahil said with a reassuring and gentle tone. (Uncle Sam wants YOU to take your turn Onbizzle) "Okay... That's good. I hope you're right." said Satoshi. He turned back to Naomi. "Heh. I'm surprised you aren't with Seiko! You two are usually attached at the hip!" Satoshi joked. Naomi started to tear up. "What? What is it Naomi? What's wrong?" asked Satoshi. "Seiko..." said Naomi, but started to cry. She hugged Satoshi even harder. Satoshi looked to Sahil, confused. Sahil sighed. "Seiko... she..." Sahil started to say, but trailed off, and just shook his head. It finally connected. "Oh, God... Naomi... I'm so sorry..." said Satoshi, and hugged her. "Yeah, that's why we're here right now. Somebody took Seiko's body in here." said Sahil, pointing at the door. He then held up the key. Satoshi nodded, pulling Naomi out of the way of the door. She continued to cry. Sahil walked over to the door. "Here we go..." he said, inserting the key into the key hole.

Onbizzle and Yuka make it to the bottom of the stairs. Yuka stopped, hunched over, holding her stomach. "Nng! Ugh!" sounded Yuka. Onbizzle looked at her. "You alright?" he asked. "Yeah, I just... never got to use the bathroom..." she answered in a quiet voice. "Oh, man! I completely forgot! Why didn't you say anything?" asked Onbizzle. "It seemed more important... to find Seiko..." she answered in the same quiet, but now somewhat pained, voice. "God, she must really be hurting..." Onbizzle thought to himself. "Come on, we're going to find you a bathroom. It's not good to hold it in for too long." said Onbizzle, taking her hand. He led her out of the stairwell and took a right. "If I'm right, the bathroom should be around here, somewhere." said Onbizzle, taking another right, and then a left. "Aha!" exclaimed Onbizzle, spotting the bathrooms. He walked to the girls' bathroom door. "What the hell? What are these?" asked Onbizzle. The door was covered in stickers with Japanese writing on them. "Whatever!" said Onbizzle. He tugged on the handle, but the door wouldn't open. "Ugh! Of course..." said Onbizzle, with a sigh. "Whatever again! You'll just have to use the boys' bathroom." said Onbizzle. "Nng! Okay..." responded Yuka, but wasn't pleased about it. Onbizzle walked over to the boys' bathroom door and pulled it open. "Woah! Or not..." said Onbizzle. There was no floor in the boys' bathroom, just a huge hole that dropped into darkness. Yuka let out another painful groan. "Come on, Yuka, we'll just go find another bathroom." said Onbizzle. He started to take Yuka back to the stairwell. "Maybe I can help?" a male voice said behind them.

Onbizzle turned around. There stood a high school student, about Onbizzle's age, dressed nicely, and was almost as big as Onbizzle. "And you are...?" asked Onbizzle. "My name's Yuuya Kizami, but most just call me Kizami." the student answered. "Well, then... Kizami. How could you help?" asked Onbizzle. Kizami held up a crystal. "Like this." he said, and smashed the crystal on the girls' bathroom door. There was a flash of light, and when it cleared, the stickers were gone. Kizami slid the door open. "Go on, Yuka." said Onbizzle. Yuka nodded, and ran to the door. As she passed Kizami, she looked up at him. He was staring at her with a weird look in his eyes. Yuka closed the door behind her. Kizami turned his attention to Onbizzle. "So, is that your little sister?" asked Kizami, nodding his head towards the bathroom door. Onbizzle shook his head, not taking his eyes off of Kizami. He had noticed the look Kizami had given Yuka. He didn't like it. Onbizzle heard a scream inside the bathroom. "Yuka!" yelled Onbizzle. Kizami reached for the door handle, but Onbizzle ran and shoved Kizami out of the way. Onbizzle tore the bathroom door open and ran inside. "Yuka?! What's wrong?!" yelled Onbizzle. Yuka was against the left side wall, crying and pointing at the stalls. Onbizzle looked over at the stalls. "Oh, God..." mumbled Onbizzle. There were ropes hanging down into each of the stalls. "Yuka, don't look!" said Onbizzle. She ran over to him, hiding behind him so she wouldn't have to look. "Come on, let's get out of here..." said Onbizzle. Just as he said that, the door slammed shut, and the ghost of a little girl appeared. Her left eye was missing, only leaving an empty socket. "...ive... iih... bah..." the girl mumbled. (What's gonna happen next, Sahil?)

As Sahil opened the door to the custodian's room something had rolled out and hit Sahil's foot. "Huh? What's this?" He picks up the object and brings it into the light. "...*gasps* OH, SWEET FUCKING JESUS MONKEY BABY FUCK BALLS!" Sahil drops the object jumps back. "What? What happened? What did you see?" asked Satoshi while Naomi was still crying on his shoulder. "I-i-i-it w-w-was *gulp* Seiko's..." Sahil tried to finish his sentence but Satoshi knew what he was going to say. "Naomi you stay here I'll go in." said Satoshi. Naomi nodded and as Satoshi walked into the room Sahil broke down. He fell to his knees hitting the floor with his fists and bawling. Naomi walked over to Sahil to comfort him. Naomi goes up to Sahil and wipes his tears away and hugs him. "Thank you Naomi." Sahil had said. "You know...I know something about you." Sahil said with a smirk. "Hmm? And what would that be?" Naomi asked with a very confused look on her face. "You really like your friend Satoshi." Sahil said with a very smug look. Naomi blushes and looks away. "Don't worry. Your secret will be safe with me." Sahil said and winked at Naomi. At that moment Satoshi walked out of the room holding something in his hands.

While trapped in the bathroom with the ghost Onbizzle tried to pry the door open but it was jammed shut. "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" exclaimed Onbizzle. The ghost was slowly approaching Yuka. Something fell out of Yuka's pocket, and rolled to the ghost. It looked like a small bottle of beads. The ghost stopped, turned, and started to sniff the bottle. At that moment the door unlocked and Onbizzle fell to the floor with the force he tried to use to open the door. (Next up Onbizzle) Onbizzle quickly recovered, grabbing Yuka's hand and pulling her out of the bathroom. He slammed the door shut, and slid to the floor with his back against the door. Onbizzle took a deep breath in, shaking as he exhaled deeply. He glanced around the space around the outside of the bathrooms. "Hey, where's Kizami?" asked Onbizzle, looking around the room. He caught a glimpse of someone exiting around the corner, going towards the stairwell. "Come on, Yuka." said Onbizzle, getting to his feet. He intended to find Kizami. He didn't trust him enough to just let him go. Onbizzle and Yuka walked back to the stairwell. They heard footsteps going down to the lower level. "Come on, but quietly." whispered Onbizzle. Yuka nodded. They carefully made their way down the stairs. As they reached the bottom landing, Onbizzle peeked around the corner. "No sign of Kizami..." he whispered. He crept around the corner, making sure to avoid any debris that would make noise. They came to another corner. Onbizzle peeked around it. "What the hell?!" he whispered.

He saw a high school student lying on the floor, all bloodied and battered. Onbizzle ran around the corner and knelt at the student's right side, and Yuka knelt at his left. The student had a stab wound in his abdomen, and looked like he fell down here from the hole above. The student coughed and blood came out of his mouth. He opened his mouth to say something. "Don't... trust... Kiz--" he started. "LOOK OUT!" Yuka screamed. Before Onbizzle could react, Kizami smacked him in the back of the head with a piece of hardwood floor. Onbizzle fell sideways, dazed and confused. He saw Yuka back up against the wall, frightened. Onbizzle rolled onto his back and stared up at Kizami. "You fucker... Leave Yuka alone..." Onbizzle managed to say. "Aww... Don't worry. When you're gone, I'll take good care of her..." said Kizami. He pulled a bloody knife out of his pocket. He cocked his arm back, bringing it down to stab Onbizzle in the chest. Onbizzle, using what strength he had left, caught Kizami's arm, holding it back. "Oh ho, ho! Look who's not going down without a fight!" said Kizami. He pulled his arm back up and kicked Onbizzle in the face. Onbizzle rolled onto his stomach, spitting up blood. "Fine... Then I'll just start with little Yuka here..." said Kizami. "Ah ha... Ha! Hahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Kizami laughed, maniacally. He took a step closer to Yuka, and then another. "No..." mumbled Onbizzle. Kizami rubbed the blade of the knife along Yuka's face. She screamed and started crying. "No!" said Onbizzle. "Hahaha! 'No' what?" asked Kizami, not taking his focus off of Yuka. "NO!" yelled Onbizzle. He pushed himself to his feet, almost losing his balance. "Heh... You just don't give up, do you?" asked Kizami, turning around to Onbizzle. Onbizzle spit some more blood on the floor. "Alright. I'll take care of you quickly..." said Kizami, running the blade between his fingers. Onbizzle just stood there. "I'm gonna cut you in two!" said Kizami, pointing the knife at Onbizzle. "Do something, then..." replied Onbizzle. Kizami laughed. "I like your attitude..." said Kizami. Onbizzle took a step towards Kizami. Kizami readied to stab Onbizzle, but Onbizzle just took another step forward, almost losing his balance again. Kizami couldn't help but laugh. "You really think you can beat me in your condition?" asked Kizami. "Heh... I was about to ask you the same thing..." replied Onbizzle.

Then, in a flash, Onbizzle lunged forward, and punched Kizami in the jaw. Kizami recoiled, and Onbizzle brought his left around and punched Kizami in the cheek. Kizami recovered, and stabbed at Onbizzle's stomach. Onbizzle moved out of the way and grabbed Kizami's wrist with his left hand. Onbizzle yanked Kizami's arm and drove his right elbow into Kizami's nose. The sheer pain caused Kizami to drop the knife, which Onbizzle grabbed. Onbizzle brought the knife point to Kizami's throat. Kizami raised his hands in surrender. "Alright, I give! Just don't kill me!" said Kizami, trying to reason. Onbizzle just shook his head. He brought the knife back, and Kizami shielded himself to stop the stab... But the stab never came. Kizami peeked from behind his arm-shields. Onbizzle just stood there, knife by his side. Kizami lowered his arms to his sides. Onbizzle turned the knife around and pointed the handle towards Kizami. "Take this fucking thing and get out of here..." said Onbizzle. Kizami just stared in disbelief. Kizami slowly reached for the handle, but before he could grab it, Onbizzle threw the knife sideways, the blade sticking into the wall. Before Kizami could react, Onbizzle grabbed Kizami's arm and flipped him over onto his back. Onbizzle climbed on top of him, using his knees to pin Kizami's arms to the ground, and started punching Kizami in the face. "Nng! Nng! Nng! You! Bitch!" said Onbizzle with each punch. His injured hand burned and stung from the punching, but Onbizzle didn't care. He just kept punching. Kizami's blood started splattering on the floor by his face, and it was all over Onbizzle's fists. Onbizzle grabbed Kizami by the collar, pulling his face close to his own. "Hey! You hear me, asshole?!" yelled Onbizzle. Kizami groaned and let out a faint scream. "If I EVER, see you around this school again, I won't beat you to an inch of your life. I. Will. END. YOU. Do you understand me?!" yelled Onbizzle. Kizami groaned. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" screamed Onbizzle. "Agh! Yes! Yes! I understand!" groaned Kizami, blood still gushing from his mouth. Onbizzle let him drop to the floor and got off of him. Kizami rolled onto his stomach and got on his hands and knees, spitting blood and a couple of teeth onto the floor. Onbizzle wiped Kizami's blood on his pants. "Come on, Yuka." said Onbizzle. He grabbed the knife handle and pulled the knife out of the wall. "And I'm keeping this." Onbizzle said to Kizami, who was too busy picking up his teeth. Onbizzle kicked him in the ribs, causing him to fall back on his stomach. Yuka stepped over him, catching up with Onbizzle. She turned back, and Kizami was looking at her, stretching out his hand. Onbizzle turned around and looked at him, and he let his hand drop. Onbizzle and Yuka made their way back upstairs. "So you still have to use the bathroom?" asked Onbizzle. "Uhm... No." said Yuka, blushing from embarrassment. "Oh? Where did you-- Oh..." said Onbizzle, feeling awkward about the situation. "Well, let's get going. We still gotta get back to Sahil and Naomi." said Onbizzle. Yuka nodded and they walked down the hallway. Kizami is still on his stomach, writhing in pain. He rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling. He hears heavy, trudging footsteps, and the sound of scraping metal. Kizami looks down the length of his body, and sees a shadow coming around the corner. Kizami starts to laugh. "Hahaha! I was wondering when you were going to show up, Yoshikazu!" said Kizami. A medium sized man, or whatever the hell he is now, trudged around the corner. He was dragging a sledgehammer behind him. He walked beside Kizami, staring down at him with his cold, unforgiving red eyes. Yoshikazu heaved the hammer up into both of hands. He brought it over his head, ready to bring it down on Kizami. "Ahahahaha! DO IT!" yelled Kizami, ready for death. Yoshikazu brought the hammer down. "Ahahaha--" was the last thing Kizami ever uttered. Yuka heard a loud splat and the clang of metal. "What was that?" asked Yuka, turning to the hallway behind her. "Perfect." replied Onbizzle. They kept walking. (Sahil!) As Yuka and Onbizzle were walking back? Onbizzle tripped "Ahh what the hell? Hey it's a piece of wood. And it looks like it's long enough to cross the gap by the custodian's office!" Onbizzle said as he picked up the board. "Okay, Yuka. Let's start heading back. We can cross the gap with this."

As Satoshi was walking out of the custodian's office, he had something in his hands. Sahil had noticed and...something very strange happened. He just sat on the floor. Eyes wide open pupils dilated and just sat there staring off into space. A very frightened Naomi was yelling at Sahil. "Sahil! SAHIL! Come back to us, please!" As she cried, she had slapped Sahil across the face to try to have him snap out of it. "OWWWWW! What was that for?" a confused and annoyed Sahil asked. "You were just sitting there...staring at nothing...grinning." Satoshi said after he laid what he was carrying on the floor. "Oh goddammit. I blacked out again! If i get too freaked out I just snap and black out for lack of a better term." As Sahil was explaining what he was doing they went over to what Satoshi had brought out of the room? "Okay Satoshi what did you find in the room?" Sahil asked. "I think it would be better if you saw for yourself." Satoshi replied with a depressed and very quiet voice. " Is...that..." Sahil began but interrupted by Satoshi "" Naomi fell to the floor and started to cry. As Sahil went in to comfort her he stopped and told Satoshi " I think you should take this one. It would probably help more." As Satoshi was comforting Naomi Sahil had heard footsteps coming from down the hall. He drew his gun and checked the clip. "Okay 6 bullets left in this baby." he raised his gun and yelled the code word "Star! Star! STAR!"

Onbizzle and Yuka were walking down the hallway with the plank of wood he found. They were nearing the gap that lead to Sahil and Naomi. Then they hear a voice, a familiar voice yelling something but couldn't quite make out what it was saying. As they got closer Onbizzle realized it was Sahil's he was yelling something. "STAR! STAR! STAR!" He yelled "Bizzle, if that's you, you know the code! STAR!" "Aww, shit!" thought Onbizzle. "I forgot the code!... Shit, what was it?!" Then Onbizzle remembered and yelled back "TEXAS!" Sahil had sighed with relief. "Okay! Man, did you find a way over here?" Sahil asked as he sat down. "Yeah! I got a piece of wood to help us cross!" Onbizzle yelled. (Your turn Bizzle)

Onbizzle and Yuka came around the corner, and walked towards the others. "Onii-chan!" said Yuka, running to Satoshi. "Yuka! There you are!" said Satoshi, opening his arms. Yuka ran into him and he hugged her. Onbizzle smiled at this warm moment. He walked over to Sahil. "So, would you really have shot me?" asked Onbizzle. "Uh... Fuck yeah, I woulda! Woulda filled you fulla of lead!" replied Sahil. Onbizzle smirked and shook his head. Sahil noticed the blood on Onbizzle's pants. "Aw, dude! What happened?" asked Sahil, pointing to the blood. "Oh, no, don't worry about it. It's not mine." replied Onbizzle. "So... who's is it?" asked Sahil. "Some jagoff's who thought he was gonna kill me and hurt Yuka. Beat him within an inch of his life, AND took his knife." replied Onbizzle, showing Sahil the knife. "Dude! He was armed and you still beat the shit out of him? Nice!" said Sahil, holding up a fist. "Yeah, I know, right?" said Onbizzle, pounding Sahil's fist with his. Satoshi looked over to Onbizzle. "You're Onbizzle?" he asked. Onbizzle turned to him. "Yeah. You're Yuka's brother?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah... Thanks for protecting her." said Satoshi. "No problem. It's what anyone would do." replied Onbizzle. "Yeah, but most people don't beat someone almost to death! Oh my God, that's so cool!" said Sahil. Onbizzle noticed the custodian's office door was open. "Did you find Seiko?" Onbizzle whispered to Sahil. "Well... We found a piece of her..." Sahil whispered back, pointing to the head on the floor. "Oh..." said Onbizzle. He walked over to the head and picked it up. He walked into the office and placed it on the desk to his left. "We won't leave you here, Seiko..." mumbled Onbizzle. He looked around the office. It looked more like a bedroom than anything. There was a bedroll on the floor and a television in the corner. The TV was on, but it was just static. Onbizzle noticed a tape player on the top. "Hey. Did you guys see this?" asked Onbizzle. "See what?" Sahil asked from the hall. "This tape player on the TV in here?" replied Onbizzle. "What? A tape player?" asked Satoshi, entering the room. "Yeah, right there." replied Onbizzle, pointing at it. "I found this tape when I was trapped in this storage room." said Satoshi, taking out the tape. It was labeled "Kibiki Research Data 1". "Huh... Let's watch it." said Onbizzle. Satoshi walked over and put the tape in the tape player. A few seconds passed, but nothing happened. "Damn it! I think it's broken or something." said Satoshi, smacking the tape player. The room started to shake. "Mother fucker!" yelled Sahil from the hall.

The support beams above Onbizzle and Satoshi started to break. "Shit! Look out!" yelled Onbizzle, but Satoshi wasn't fast enough. A piece of beam fell down and hit Satoshi on the head, knocking him out. "Dammit!" yelled Onbizzle. The earthquake ceased. Onbizzle ran to Satoshi. He pulled the beam off of Satoshi, and lifted him off of the ground. "Satoshi! Satoshi, are you okay?" asked Onbizzle. Naomi came into the room. "Satoshi! Oh God!" she cried. Satoshi slowly came to. "Ugh.. What happened...?" asked Satoshi, rubbing his head. Onbizzle let him go, allowing him to stand on his own. "You got smacked by a beam, dude." replied Sahil from the hall. The TV flickered and the tape started playing. (Make sure to do your RESEARCH, Sahil... But no, make sure you know what happened on the tape)

When the tape had started, it was a man and his camera man inside what looked to be Heavenly Host. They were here for research for their third "Strange but True" article. They go around the school to get as much data as possible. Then they run into a dead body and the camera man, Taguchi, starts to freak out. They realize that here they are in grave danger and Taguchi asks Kibiki about the "way out" that he knew about. But before he could explain it Taguchi screams and freaks out because he starts to hear the voices of children. He can hear them but Kibiki can't. Then he sees something down the hall and they run down after it. Taguchi trips on something and Kibiki checks if he is okay. Then for some inexplicable reason Taguchi screams and runs away as fast as he can. Kibiki picks up the camera and notices the tape is almost full and wonders where Taguchi but the blanks. Then the tape ends.

"Ahh...Dammit! So close to finding a way out of this shit hole." Sahil said very frustrated voice. "Well there's no use just shitting around in this room. Let's get moving." Onbizzle said as he got up. "Alright. Let's get out of here. Hey, that Kibiki dude was looking for blank tapes. Maybe there are more of these scattered around the school?" asked Sahil (Take it away Bizzle) "Yeah, we already found one, so the others have to be around here somewhere." replied Satoshi. They all leave the custodian's office, and noticed something strange.

"Hey... Does the school look different to you guys? Like, did it look like this a couple minutes ago?" asked Sahil. "Now that you mention it, the color of the school does seem different..." replied Onbizzle. "Hey, Satoshi. You have some splinters on your back." said Naomi, brushing them off. "Huh? Oh, thanks Naomi." replied Satoshi. "Hey! Satoshi! Naomi! Yuka!" yelled a voice. Everyone looked over to the right. There was a short girl along with a guy with blonde hair across a gap from them to their right. "Ayumi! Yoshiki! You're alright!" Satoshi yelled back. "Yeah we're fine, but..." started Ayumi, but trailed off. "But what?" asked Satoshi. "Mayu... she... didn't make it..." Yoshiki finished. "Oh, man..." said Satoshi. "Morishige is going to be devastated..." said Satoshi. "Morishige? Fuck that guy!" said Sahil, crossing his arms. "What? Why do you say that?" asked Satoshi, confused. "He attacked Yuka, that's why. I smacked him in the face with the butt of my gun. Probably loosened some teeth, too." replied Sahil. Satoshi looked to Yuka, who nodded her head. Satoshi sighed. "Well, we'll deal with him when we find him." said Satoshi. "Hey, where's Seiko?" asked Yoshiki. Naomi sniffled, but didn't start crying. "She, uhh... She didn't make it either... But when we escape, we're going to bring her body back so we can have a proper burial." replied Satoshi. "Sounds good..." said Yoshiki. He looked at Onbizzle and Sahil. "Hey, who're they?" asked Yoshiki. "Oh! Uh, this is Onbizzle and Sahil." replied Satoshi. "Hey." said Onbizzle. "Yo." said Sahil. "And you said you had a gun?" Yoshiki asked Sahil. "Yeah, right here." replied Sahil, pulling it out. "Heh, glad you're on our side... Oh! We found out something about the murders that happened here!" said Yoshiki. "Huh? What'd you find out?" asked Onbizzle. "The girl in the red dress, Sachiko Shinozaki, is most likely the one behind all of the murders that are happening in this school. We ran into a ghost, Yuki. She had been murdered here decades ago, and showed us... well... Ayumi, after we'd appeased her. And she also gave us this." explained Yoshiki. He held up a marble statue. "What the hell is that? It looks like an angel statue..." said Sahil. "Here, catch!" said Yoshiki, and tossed it across the gap. Onbizzle caught it. "You might be able to use it." said Satoshi. "Cool, thanks. And we found out that there's a way out of this hellhole!" said Satoshi. "Huh? You did?! What it is?!" asked Ayumi. "Well... We don't know EXACTY what it is, but there are tapes scattered around the school that will tell us." replied Satoshi. "Yuki also told us something else..." said Ayumi.

"What'd she say?" asked Onbizzle. "She said that this school is being held together by Sachiko, and the only way to end this whole thing once and for all is to appease her. Or else, the school will continue to stand and take more victims... And I want to end this!" replied Ayumi. Naomi looked annoyed. "What?! No! We need to get out of this school before we ALL die!" said Naomi. "You can't be serious?!" yelled Ayumi. "Oh, I'm serious! Look at what happened to Mayu and Seiko! Do you want to end up like them?!" Naomi yelled back. "I don't care! I couldn't live with myself knowing I could've done something to stop this!" yelled Ayumi. "You know what--" Naomi started to say. "Naomi! Stop!" Satoshi interrupted. Naomi turned to him. "Ayumi is right. If we actually have a chance at stopping this, we HAVE to try." said Satoshi. Naomi opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it, remaining silent. Satoshi turned to Ayumi. "Alright. We'll work on finding the way out, and you two work on finding out how to appease Sachiko." said Satoshi. Ayumi nodded. "We're on it." said Yoshiki. Satoshi turned to walk away. "Satoshi!" said Ayumi. Satoshi turned back to Ayumi. "Be careful..." said Ayumi. Satoshi smiled and nodded. "You, too." said Satoshi. "Hey, Naomi." said Ayumi before Naomi could walk away. "What." said Naomi in an annoyed voice. "Stay away from Satoshi." said Ayumi. Before Naomi could respond, Ayumi turned and walked away. Naomi turned and caught up to Satoshi. The two groups parted ways.

Satoshi's group walked to the end of the hallway opposite of the custodian's office. Satoshi rounded the corner, but quickly ran back, stopping everyone from continuing. "Woah! Stop! Let's go a different way!" said Satoshi, in a panic. "What? Why? What's around that cor--" Sahil started to ask, walking around the corner. He ran back, leaned against the wall and puked on the floor. "OH, SWEET CHRIST!" yelled Sahil, and let out another stomach full. "What? What is it?!" asked Onbizzle. Sahil just waved his arm towards the corner, telling Onbizzle to check for himself, and spit on the floor a couple of times. Confused, Onbizzle walked around the corner. There, splattered on the wall, were the remains of Mayu Suzumoto. "Oh, God..." mumbled Onbizzle. He walked back around the corner, pale as a ghost. "Yeah, let's go a different way..." he said, and just kept walking. "What is it?" asked Yuka, approaching the corner. Satoshi grabbed her arm. "No, Yuka... Just... no." said Satoshi.

The group doubled back and made a right. They came across a stairwell. "Hey... What's that?" asked Naomi, pointing to something shiny in the light. "It looks like a cell phone..." replied Satoshi. He ran down the steps to the object. "Yeah. It's Morishige's cell phone." said Satoshi, picking it up. Satoshi flipped it open as Sahil said "Fuck that guy." in the background. "Hey, it looks like something was recorded." said Satoshi, pressing a button. There was a low hum from the phone, followed by screaming a few seconds later. The screaming continued, followed by a banging, and finally glass being smashed. The screaming slowly faded out, as though it got farther away. "What in the HELL was that?" asked Onbizzle. "I don't know, I--" Satoshi started to say. He looked to the window to his left, which was smashed out. "Oh... Oh, God... Morishige..." mumbled Satoshi. "Did he...?" Naomi asked. Satoshi nodded. "Come on... Let's keep moving..." said Satoshi, walking down to the next landing. (Switch!) " that...a...?" Sahil tried to formulate the words but Onbizzle just looked at him and nodded. "That's a body..."? Sahil stammered. "Oh not again!" Sahil said as his vision went dark. "What? What's wrong?" Onbizzle asked. Sahil sat there. Staring off into space. A very confused Onbizzle asked. "What the fuck is going on?!" Just then Naomi walked up to Sahil and slapped him across the face. "OWWW! What was that for?" Sahil asked. "You were doing it again." Satoshi had said. "*facepalm* "God dammit." Sahil said "Well, let's keep moving. We're wasting time just standing here...wait, where are we? This looks very different from where we were before." Sahil stated slightly confused. "We're in the second wing bro." Onbizzle replied. "What? How'd we get here?" Sahil asked with a very, very confused look. "Well, when we, we found a way around and found a new hall way which led here." Satoshi had(?) explained. "Well, let's get going then." and at that moment, Sahil had collapsed and passed out. "Shit...Okay he's still breathing... He must be worn out...Where should we take him?" Onbizzle had asked. "Hmm...Oh, I got it! Let's take him to the Infirmary! There's beds there right?" Onbizzle asked. "Yeah. Let's go." Satoshi said. But Naomi started to cry and then Onbizzle remembered what she had told him. "Look, Naomi, you don't have to go in. We'll take him there and then we will go and look for the other tapes okay?" Onbizzle said to calm her down. "Okay..." she replied. So Onbizzle and Satoshi Carried Sahil to the Infirmary while Yuka and Naomi followed. A few minutes passed and Sahil had woken from a horrifying nightmare only to find himself in the Infirmary. "What the hell? Where am I?" Sahil thought while looking around the room. "Hey, there's a note..." Sahil picked up the note and started to read it. "Sahil if you're reading this then that means you finally WOKE THE FUCK UP! You had passed out so we brought you to the Infirmary to rest. So when you wake up, try to find us in the second wing. -Onbizzle" "Well, I guess i need to find a way to the second wing." Sahil thought to himself. While he was searching for the corridor that led to the second wing, there was a gap in his way. "Okay, time to go Prince of Persia up in this bitch." He thought to himself. Sahil got a running start and ran along the wall over the gap. As he made it to the other side, he slipped off the wall and faceplanted. Sahil got up and dusted himself off and said, "Okay now let's try to find that second wing...Hey who's that?" As he looked closely he saw it was Yoshiki and Ayumi. "Hey guys! Wait up!" Sahil yelled. He caught up to them and said "Mind if I tag along? I woke up in the Infirmary, and now I found you guys." Sahil asked. "Sure. Come on, let's go." Ayumi had said. As they were walking Sahil, sped up to catch up to Ayumi. "You have no chance." he whispered into her ear. Ayumi looked very confused "With Satoshi. You have no chance. I know you like him, but there is no way." He continued. "How do you know that i like him?!" Ayumi asked. "Are you kidding? You made it so obvious when we met up back there. Look, I'll tell you this: Stop trying to go for Satoshi when there is someone who obviously loves you right here." Confused, Ayumi looked around and asked who Sahil was talking about. (Pass!) "Hintity hint-hint..." whispered Sahil, pointing to Yoshiki, who was too busy looking through the window of a classroom to notice. "What?! No! That's not true!" whispered Ayumi. "Oh, it's true!" whispered Sahil. He turned to Yoshiki. "Hey, Yoshi!" said Sahil. "Don't call me that." said Yoshiki, not turning around. "Eh, whatever! Hey listen, you like Ayumi, right?" asked Sahil. "Wh-What?! N-N-No! What?!" replied Yoshiki, finally turning around. He and Ayumi both blushed out of embarrassment. "This is fun, I like hanging out with you guys!" said Sahil. They kept walking, Yoshiki and Ayumi avoiding eye contact. Yoshiki noticed a paper on the ground. "Hey, there's another one." he said, pointing at it. Ayumi picked it up. "What? What is it?" asked Sahil looking at it. "It's a page from Naho's notebook." replied Ayumi, taking out said notebook. It was labeled "Naho's Notes 4/5". She placed it on top of other loose papers. Ayumi read it and closed the notebook. "Come on, we have one more to go." said Ayumi. The group came across a stairwell and went up to the second floor. As they walked past a classroom, blood splattered on the window. "Holy shit!" said Sahil, jumping away from the window. Ayumi opened the door and peeked inside. "It's a science lab of some kind." she said, entering. Sahil and Yoshiki walked inside. Sahil was walking, looking around the class, and bumped into something. "AH!" screamed Sahil, punching what he walked into. A figure about as big as he was, covered in a sheet, toppled over. "What are you doing?" asked Ayumi. "Uh... That thing just came out of nowhere... and I got scared." replied Sahil, pointing to the thing on the ground. Human feet were sticking out from under the sheet. "Is.. Is that a body?" asked Ayumi. Yoshiki walked over and lifted the sheet up. "No, it's just an Anatomical Model." replied Yoshiki, and let the sheet drop. He turned and noticed a paper in the back of the class. "Is that another of Naho's notes?" he asked, pointing at it. Ayumi turned and walked over to the paper. "Yeah, it is. 'Naho's Notes 5/5'." replied Ayumi, picking it up. She read it and placed in the notebook. "Well that's all of them, but still no information on how to appease Sachiko." said Ayumi, putting the notebook away. As she was putting it away, something fell out of her pocket and bounced over towards Sahil. "What's this?" he asked, picking it up. "What? Nothing!" said Ayumi, reaching for it. Sahil pulled it out her reach. It was a student ID. Sahil opened it. "This is Naomi's! And her paper doll scrap is in here, too!" exclaimed Sahil. He flipped it closed. "Why didn't you give this back?" asked Sahil. Ayumi just stared at him, a look of dread on her face. "Well? Why didn't you give it back?" Sahil asked again. Ayumi just continued to stare. "What? What are you staring at?" Sahil demanded. He looked to Yoshiki, who had the same stare. "What the hell is wrong with you two--" Sahil started to ask, turning around. "What. The. Fuck." he said, seeing what they were staring at. The sheet covering the Anatomical Model was starting to move. Hands formed under the sheet and the Anatomical Model pushed itself off of the floor. The sheet fell off of the Model, revealing half of the skin and muscle gone. It just stood there, staring at them. The door to the lab slid open, and Sahil heard the sound of scraping metal and heavy footsteps. Yoshikazu entered the room, sliding the door closed. Sahil turned back to Ayumi. "We'll talk about this later." said Sahil, shaking Naomi's student ID. He tucked into his pants pocket and pulled out his pistol. Before he could turn back to aim, the Model was already behind him. Sahil noticed the shadow looming over him and turned around, coming face to face with the Model. "Oh, shit!" said Sahil. The Model just stood there. "Uhh... Hi!" said Sahil. With lighting fast speed, the Model kneed Sahil in the stomach, causing him to hunch over. The Model wrapped his arm around Sahil's neck, choking him. "Gagh! Help!" said Sahil with a strained voice. Yoshiki ran over to help, trying to pull the Model off of Sahil, but the Model just smacked Yoshiki with his free hand, sending him stumbling towards Yoshikazu. "AH!" screamed Yoshiki, diving out of the way as Yoshikazu swung the sledgehammer at his face. "Ayumi! Help!" said Sahil, still with a strained voice. She seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in. "What do I do?!" she asked Sahil. Sahil tossed the gun to her. "Shoot him! SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE!" said Sahil, now using his free hands to try and pull the Model's arm off of his throat. Ayumi clumsily picked up the gun and held it. "I've never fired a gun before!" she exclaimed. "It's as easy as it is in the movies! Just point and squeeze the trigger!" said Sahil, trying to punch the Model is his non-existent junk. Ayumi raised the gun, aiming with shaking hands. "Do it!" said Sahil. Ayumi let out a faint cry. She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. The bullet barely missed Sahil's head and hit the Model above the left eye. Blood sprays out from the bullet hole and the Model lets go of Sahil, stumbling back and holding it's face. Sahil stumbled to Ayumi, taking the gun from her. He aimed at the Model, firing and hitting it in the chest, but it still wasn't dead. "Fuck! This is a waste of ammo! Come on, we gotta run!" said Sahil, grabbing Ayumi's hand. They ran past the Model, and split up to avoid Yoshikazu's hammer. Sahil ran to the door and pulled on the handle, but the door was locked. "Son of a--" Sahil started to say, but Yoshikazu swung the sledgehammer at him. Sahil ducked, and Yoshikazu's hammer wedged into the wall. Sahil ran underneath the handle, and went for the back of the room. "Key! Find the key!" yelled Sahil, diving over a table. Yoshikazu pulled the hammer from the wall, turning to Ayumi. He raises the hammer above his head, preparing to smash Ayumi. Yoshikazu brought the hammer down. "Ayumi!" yelled Yoshiki, tackling her out of the way. The hammer hit the floor, breaking some of the boards. "Shit! SHIT! Key! Key, key, key!" said Sahil, tearing cabinets in the back of the room apart. He noticed a shiny object on the floor on the other side of the room. "Key!" exclaimed Sahil, running over to it and picking it up. "Guys! I got it!" yelled Sahil. He turned to the front of the room. "Oh shit..." said Sahil. The Model and Yoshikazu turned their attention on him, closing in on him. "Yoshiki! Take the key!" yelled Sahil, throwing it over Yoshikazu. It bounced and slid to Yoshiki. He grabbed it, ran and unlocked the door. "Come on, Ayumi!" yelled Yoshiki, running out of the room. Ayumi looked at the door, and then at Sahil. "Go on, Ayumi! Go! I'll be fine!" yelled Sahil. Ayumi looked at the door, and then back to Sahil. "GO!" yelled Sahil. Ayumi ran out of the room. "Alright, fuckers! Bring it on!" yelled Sahil, aiming the gun at the Model. He pulled the trigger, hitting the Model in the cheek. It stumbled back, grabbing its face again. Sahil noticed it stumbling towards a hole in the floor. "Aha!" said Sahil. He shot the Model again, causing to stumble once more. The Model was right in front of the hole. Sahil put the safety on and tucked the gun away. "Holy shit!" yelled Sahil. He dove out of the way of Yoshikazu's hammer. Rolling when he landed, Sahil quickly ran at the Model. "This is Sparta, bitch!" yelled Sahil. He jumped and drop-kicked the Model in the face, finally sending it plummeting down the hole. Sahil landed on his back. "Ah, shit! That's the back fire to the move!" groaned Sahil. "AH!" he screamed, rolling to the side, narrowly avoiding the sledgehammer. Sahil took off running and left the room. He tore ass down the hall and jumped down the stairs. "Ah, fuck!" said Sahil, with a hard landing. He heard heavy footsteps running towards the stairwell. Sahil took off running down the stairs, wanting to avoid another jumping injury. He took a left and ducked into the first classroom he saw. He hid in the darkness, closing his eyes, and heard heavy footsteps run past the door. Sahil exhaled and opened his eyes. Yoshiki and Ayumi sat in front of him, staring at him. Sahil looked at Yoshiki. "Oh, looked who survived!" said Sahil, in a stupid sounding voice. Yoshiki looked down at the floor. Sahil looked to Ayumi. "See? I told you I'd be fine." said Sahil. (Sahil!) "Now *pant* will you explain to me *gulp* why did you not give back her ID?" Sahil asked as he tried to catch. "You better explain quick before I...oh we go again" Sahil said as his pupils dilate and he starts to ramble on again. Sahil blacked out. Sitting on the floor just staring off into space so Yoshiki went up to him, looking very confused and annoyed, and slapped Sahil right across the face. "OW! WHAT THE FUCK MAN?! What was that for?" Sahil asked, rubbing his cheek. "Whatever... So will you please explain to me why you haven't given Naomi her student ID back? Or shall I assume the worse?" Sahil asked as he started to stand, but fell right back onto his ass. "Well I was going to return it...but...I forgot..." Ayumi said looking at the floor. "Or maybe you were going to get her out of the picture so you can have Satoshi all to yourself! I knew something was up when you got that really creepy smile when you read on how to get out of this shit hole. You're so focused on Satoshi that you just completely overlook Yoshiki ov-" Yoshiki interrupted

"Yoshiki over there. He is obviously in love with you it's not hard to see. He cares for you, but you just shove that aside and make him feel like an insignificant! Like he doesn't even matter to you! Like he is another obstacle in the way of getting your precious Satoshi!" Sahil said as tears roll down his face. "It just breaks my heart to see this." Sahil said as he got up and wiped away his tears. "Sorry about that. Got a little emotional there."

"It's alright. Let's just go and find Naho. She has some explaining to do" Ayumi had said helping Sahil stand and hugs him to try to calm him down. Sahil had gotten a stupid grin and said in a very bad Ricky Ricardo impression "Lucy you got some explainin' to do." Ayumi and Yoshiki looked confused. "Ah, damn kids and your not understanding references..." mumbled Sahil. The three left the classroom. (Finally it's your turn Bizzle) As he was walking, Sahil stopped and started patting his pants pockets. "Oh, dammit. Ugh..." said Sahil, now checking his back pockets. "What's wrong, Sahil?" asked Ayumi, stopping and turning to him. "My... My cellphone. I think I dropped it back in the classroom. Wait right here while I go back and get it?" replied Sahil. "Oh. Yeah, of course." said Ayumi. "Cool. Be right back!" said Sahil, jogging back to the classroom. Ayumi and Yoshiki were left alone in the hall. "Do you really like me?" asked Ayumi, being very blunt about it. Yoshiki's heart skipped a beat. Sahil searched the room. "Cellphone? Where are you? If you come out, I'll renew your minutes just like I promised." said Sahil, trying to reason with his phone. He spotted it next to an overturned desk. "Aha! There you are!" said Sahil, picking it up. As he was sliding it back into his pocket, he saw a piece of paper on the floor. "What's this?" asked Sahil, picking it up. He read the label on it. "Ayumi! Yoshiki! Get in here!" yelled Sahil. A few seconds later, Ayumi and Yoshiki walked into the classroom. "What? What are you yelling about?" asked Yoshiki. "Look." said Sahil, pointing to the label. It said "Naho's Notes 6/5". "What? That can't be right." said Yoshiki. "I know! I distinctly remember from Math class that six doesn't go into five like that!" said Sahil. Ayumi snatched the paper from Sahil. "Hey! Rude..." said Sahil. Ayumi walked away, examining the note. "But this is just a blank page! What use is it?!" said Ayumi, turning back to Yoshiki and Sahil. Just as she was about to rip the paper out of frustration, words started appearing on it. "What the hell...?" asked Ayumi. She watched the words appear. "It's like it's being written right now..." mumbled Ayumi. As the words appeared, the page detailed how Naho purposely put the wrong instruction on her blog, and how she eventually had succumb to the Darkening. "It's like... this is coming straight from Naho's mind." said Ayumi. "Well, with all of the other crazy shit going on around here, I wouldn't doubt it." said Sahil. Ayumi finished reading the page and put it in the notebook. "We have to find Naho." said Ayumi, and snapped the notebook shut. The three ran out of the classroom.

"Gah! Nothing!" said Satoshi, who had just finished going through a cupboard in a classroom. He closed it and turned to Onbizzle. "You find anything?" asked Satoshi. Onbizzle was pulling things out of the closet he was going through, throwing them out of the way. "No. Nothing in here." replied Onbizzle, throwing a broom out of the way. Satoshi turned to Naomi and Yuka, who were rummaging through the teacher's desk. "No. Nothing." said a disappointed Yuka. Satoshi sighed. "Alright, we gotta keep looking elsewhere." said Satoshi. The four left the classroom, moving onto the next. Yuka tapped Satoshi's arm. "Onii-chan?" asked Yuka. "Hmm?" responded Satoshi. "I... I have to use the bathroom again..." said Yuka. Satoshi sighed. "Alright. Come on. Guys, we'll be right back." said Satoshi, taking Yuka's hand. "You gonna be okay?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah, we'll be fine, just keep looking." replied Satoshi. He and Yuka left to find a bathroom. Onbizzle and Naomi entered the next classroom. Onbizzle looked on the floor and Naomi checked the teacher's desk. "You know, it's pretty obvious that you and Ayumi are competing for Satoshi." said Onbizzle. Naomi stopped searching. "I heard what she said before we split up. About how she wants you to stay away from Satoshi. I'll keep an eye on her for you. This school makes people crazy." said Onbizzle, starting to go through a cupboard. He heard Naomi mumbled something. "Hmm? What was that?" asked Onbizzle, turning around. Naomi spoke up. "Thank you..." she said in a quiet voice. "Mhmm..." responded Onbizzle, going back to searching. After a couple of seconds, Onbizzle heard screaming and running. "Yuka!" said Onbizzle. He ran out of the classroom, looking up the hallway to where Satoshi and Yuka had gone. "Yuka!" yelled Onbizzle. Yuka came into view in the darkness. "Yuka! What is it?!" yelled Onbizzle. She ran into the classroom. "It's a... thing! It attacked Onii-chan and then came after me!" said Yuka, crying. Onbizzle turned back to the hallway. He heard bare feet slapping against the floor. A big figure appeared in the darkness. "What the fuck is that? Is that... an Anatomical Model?" Onbizzle said to himself. Indeed, it was the same Model. The Model came into the light, slowing to a stop. Onbizzle and the Model stared at each other. "Wait a minute..." said Onbizzle. He was examining the Model, noticing distinct characteristics. "Black tuft of hair... About the same height and build..." Onbizzle mumbled. He looked the exposed side of the Model's face. It had a couple of teeth missing. "I told you if I ever saw you again I was going to end you, Kizami..." said Onbizzle, taking out the knife. "But, it looks like somebody already went at you with a knife. And I see you've met Sahil!" said Onbizzle, noticing the bullet wounds. The Model groaned, not pleased by that statement. "So... shall we end this?" asked Onbizzle. The Model just stared at him. "I'll take that as a 'yes'." said Onbizzle, flipping the knife into the air. As soon as he grabbed the handle, he threw the knife at the Model. It was a few inches from the Model's throat when the Model grabbed the blade, stopping the knife, and putting a gash in the Model's palm. "Oh! Fast." said Onbizzle. The Model grabbed the handle of the knife with its other hand, and broke the knife in two. "Aww, come on! I kicked your ass fair and square for that knife!" Onbizzle joked. The Model quickly cocked his arm back, and threw the knife blade. Onbizzle barely got out of the way in time, the blade cutting him across the cheek. "Woah. Alright... Gotta take this seriously now." said Onbizzle, wiping the blood away from the cut. "Think, Onbizzle. He's fast, strong, has good reflexes, and has a high tolerance for pain. Looks like you've finally met your match, old boy..." Onbizzle thought to himself. Dust from the floor got in his eyes. "Ah, shit!" yelled Onbizzle, rubbing his eyes. When he finished, he looked back at the Model. "What the hell?!" yelled Onbizzle. The Model had disappeared. "WATCH OUT!" screamed Yuka. Onbizzle turned around, only to catch a fist to the face. The force of the Model's punch lifted Onbizzle off of the ground, and sent him flying back. He hit the ground, bounced and slid, finally coming to stop, face down. "Ugh... Oh, man, that hurt..." said Onbizzle getting up and rubbing his jaw. "Okay, let's try this again." said Onbizzle, charging the Model. He swung, connecting with the Model temple, sending it stumbling back. He came around with a left and hit the Model's cheek, just as he had done before. Onbizzle kicked the Model's knee sideways, causing the Model to fall to his knee. He cocked his fist straight back, and punched at the Model. But instead of hitting the face, Onbizzle hit the Modem's palm. The Model squeezed Onbizzle's hand, crushing it with immense force. "FUCK!" screamed Onbizzle. The Model slowly got to his feet, squeezing Onbizzle's fist even harder. Onbizzle dropped to his knees from the pain. He could feel the bones in his hand breaking. Finally, the Model let go. Onbizzle pulled his hand in to protect it. He looked up at the Model, only to get punched in the face again. Onbizzle fell on his side, and immediately the Model kicked him in the ribs. It was almost ironic. The Model continued to kick and stomp Onbizzle. "Fuck! I can't die here! Not like this!" Onbizzle thought to himself. "NO! STOP IT!" screamed Yuka. She ran in between Onbizzle and the Model. "NO, YUKA!" screamed Onbizzle. The Model didn't think twice: it smacked Yuka out of the way, sending her flying into the wall. It turned its attention back to Onbizzle. It raised its foot for a final stomp. "I told Satoshi I'd protect her! I'm not about to let him down!" said Onbizzle. The Model stomped down, and Onbizzle caught its foot. He pushed the Model backwards, causing it to fall over. Onbizzle got to his feet, grabbing a plank of wood. The Model started to get up, but Onbizzle smacked it in the face with the plank, sending it back down hard. Onbizzle smashed the plank into the Model's face multiple times until the plank snapped in half. Onbizzle flipped the Model over onto its stomach. He stomped his foot down on its right elbow, and pulled its forearm back until it snapped. The Model let out a high-pitched cry of pain. "Oh, that hurt, FUCKER?!" yelled Onbizzle. He walked to the other side of the Model, doing the same thing to its left elbow. The Model screamed in pain, louder this time. Onbizzle stomped on the back of its head two times. He flipped the Model onto its back again. He kneeled down, getting close to the Model's face. "Kizami, I know you're in there somewhere, and I want you to remember everything that happened the last time we met. 'Cause it's gonna happen again. But this time, I'm gonna beat you to death..." said Onbizzle. He started punching the Model in the face. Fueled by pure rage, Onbizzle hit as hard as he could, over and over again, never tiring, and ignoring the pain shooting through his broken hand. Blood started pouring from the Model's mouth, and more teeth were knocked out. "Nng! Nng! Nng! Nng! Nng! Fuck! You!" said Onbizzle, again with each punch. The Model's nose busted sideways, almost at a 90 degree angle. The bone around the Model's left eye started to crack, and its left eye was knocked loose. Onbizzle kept punching. The Model's eye was caught between its face and Onbizzle's fist, resulting in it exploding under the pressure. All the Model could do was lay there and scream. Onbizzle hit the Model's jaw, causing it to snap from the hinge. Now, missing an eye, broken jaw, a busted nose, and almost no teeth left, the Model tried to speak. "K. ... Ki..." it started to say. Onbizzle stopped punching to listen. "K... Ki... Kill... me..." said the Model. Onbizzle just looked at this pitiful creature. He saw a look of humanity in its remaining eye. Onbizzle nodded, seeing that Kizami was temporarily in control. Onbizzle stood and walked over to a pile of debris. He pulled out a sharp piece of rebar, about a foot long. He walked back over to the Model. "I would say I'm doing this because you asked me to... but then I'd be lying..." said Onbizzle. He stabbed the piece of rebar through the Model's throat, stabbing its spine. Onbizzle pulled and pushed the rebar back and forth, breaking through the spine discs. The spine finally gave, and Onbizzle yanked the rebar sideways. With a loud crack, the Model's spine was severed. The Model's eyes filled with blood. Onbizzle collapsed on the floor, leaving the rebar stabbed in the Model's throat, taking deep breathes. "Heh... Finally killed the fucker..." Onbizzle said to himself. "Yuka!" said Onbizzle, having forgotten about her. He got to his feet and ran over to Yuka. She was unconscious on the floor. "Yuka? Yuka?!" yelled Onbizzle. She groaned and sat up. "Oh, thank God you're okay." said Onbizzle. "Huh? What happened?" she asked, rubbing her head. Onbizzle chuckled. "You tried to be a hero is what." replied Onbizzle. "Onbizzle! Your hand!" said Yuka, looking down his hand. "Oh, what? This?" asked Onbizzle, raising his hand. "It's nothing--" he started to say. When he saw the bone sticking out of his palm, the pain finally hit him. "OOOOOOH FUUUUUUUCK, THAT HURTS!" screamed Onbizzle, grabbing his wrist. He put his other thumb on the bone and popped it back in. "FUUUUUUUCK! AH, SHI-- THAT FEELS BETTER, ACTUALLY." yelled Onbizzle. Yuka giggled. "Yeah, glad you're having fun." said Onbizzle. "Is it finally over?" Naomi asked from the door. "Yeah. Watch Yuka. I gotta go find her brother." said Onbizzle. He stood to leave but Yuka jumped up. "I want to come, too!" said Yuka, but she lost her balance from blood rushing. A tape fell out of her pocket. "Hey, is that...?" asked Onbizzle, reaching down and picking up the tape. He flipped it over, and the label read "Kibiki Research Data 2". "Yuka... Where did you get this?" asked Onbizzle, looking back to her. "I have no idea. I don't even remember picking it up..." replied Yuka. Onbizzle could tell by her body language that she wasn't lying. "Well... At least we have what we came for." said Onbizzle, putting the tape in his pocket. "You stay here with Naomi, and I'll be back with Satoshi." said Onbizzle. He got up and walked off into the darkness. (Finally done, Sahil! I'm tired...) Onbizzle was walking down the dark and empty hall ways searching for Satoshi. "Satoshi! Satoshi! SATOSHI WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?!?" Onbizzle yelled. After what seemed an eternity of searching Onbizzle had seen something. Something...someone.

"Hey I think i see something inside the reference room" Sahil said as he looked through the window of the reference room and went to open the door. "Naho, you got some explainin' to do." Sahil had said in a very very bad Ricky Ricardo impersonation. "Oh it's you." Naho said rolling her eyes. "You're one fucking crazy bitch aren't you? You purposefully put up bad info on your blog so you can save your precious Kibiki!" Sahil said. "Do you realize how many people you have brought to their deaths?" Sahil continued very frustrated. "You're just one fucking crazy bitch who is obsessed with this guy who is wayyy too old for you by the way. You brought all these people to their deaths to protect that guy!" Sahil was infuriated. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You people are so funny. Just take everything you see from the internet word for word. It's stupid you have to be retarded to do something so stupid!" Naho said. "Heheheheh. Oh Naho don't you know?" Sahil asked. "Hmm?" Naho looked puzzled. "Oh the irony. The one you wanted to protect is dead! Kibiki is dead! And guess what...You killed him. You were so obsessed with him the school took advantage of that. You went through the Darkening and Killed Kibiki! Karma's a bitch ain't it?" Sahil said with a smirk on his face. "No...No...No no no nonononononono...NO...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *gag*" Naho yelled. "What in the fuck?" Yoshiki said as he stepped back in shock. "Ayumi get back!" Yoshiki yelled as he grabbed her and tried to shield her. "Mother of God..." Sahil said as he slowly took off his glasses.

"Satoshi!" Onbizzle exclaimed in relief. He ran over to Satoshi who was sitting against the wall. He was unconscious but still alive. Onbizzle had picked up Satoshi and brought him back to Naomi and Yuka. "Onii-Chan!!" Yuka exclaimed as Onbizzle walked back with Satoshi who had woken up. "Oh thank goodness you're all right!" Naomi said with a sigh of relief as she ran over and hugged Satoshi. "Satoshi here we found another DV Tape. Let's head back to the custodian's office to watch it." Onbizzle said and everyone nodded in agreement.

The group had made it back to the Custodian's Office and put the Mini DV Tape into the camera. It was Kou Kibiki and he looked like he was fearing for his life. He had explained the way out that he knew about. He said that you have to perform the Sachiko Ever After charm correctly but in reverse and put the doll scraps back together. There was a strange banging on the door in the video and a familiar voice. Naho had knocked down the door and killed Kibiki. "Great now we know th...*sniff sniff* What's that smell?" Onbizzle looked and opened the closet door. "Oh god...It's...Kibiki and Naho..." Onbizzle stepped back and almost puked. "Hey it looks like there is something in that corner." Onbizzle went in to see. "Hey there is...something back here!" Onbizzle exclaimed.

"What the fuck is happening?!" Sahil exclaimed. Naho was being engulfed by a mysterious black smoke that was coming out of her mouth. Then she just disappears and a small red statue falls onto the ground, It looks like a baby. "Hmm? What's this?" Sahil walked up to the statue and picked it up. "Hey. Ayumi that's probably the statue that Yuki told us to get!" Yoshiki said. "We need to get that to Satoshi." (Your turn Bizzle...I'm also tired) Sahil, Ayumi, and Yoshiki run out of the Reference Room, making their way back to the Custodian's Office. They round the corner and see Satoshi in the hall, bent over and gagging. "Satoshi!" yelled Ayumi. Satoshi straightened up and turned to Ayumi. "There you guys are! And Sahil, too! Did you find anything about appeasing Sachiko?" asked Satoshi. "Well, we found some information about it, but not much." replied Ayumi. "Did you guys find any tapes?" she asked. "Yeah, we found the next tape. It said that the way out is to do Sachiko Ever After in reverse, saying 'Sachiko, we beg of you.' in your head for each person present, and once more for Sachiko." replied Satoshi. "That's good-- Oh! We found this!" said Ayumi, taking out the Baby Statue. She tossed it across the gap to Satoshi, who caught it. "Did you ever find out what happened to Morishige?" asked Yoshiki. "You didn't tell them?" Satoshi asked Sahil. "Oh yeah! I forgot about him! But then again, it's kinda hard to remember stuff like that when you have to fight a living Amanto--" Sahil started. "Anatomical." interrupted Yoshiki. "Anatomical Model." Sahil finished. Satoshi's eyes grew big. "You had to fight that thing?!" asked Satoshi. "Yeah! Did you see it? I kicked it into a hole on the second floor and ran from the hammer dude, so I guess it was still alive." replied Sahil. "Yeah, I did! I was taking Yuka to the bathroom when it busted out of a classroom door. I tried to defend Yuka, but it just knocked me out and chased her! If it wasn't for Onbizzle... I don't even want to think about it..." said Satoshi. "Onbizzle fought it?! Is he alright?!" asked Sahil. Onbizzle walked into the hall, holding his ribs. "Yeah, I'm cool... Broke my hand and fucked up my ribs, but I'm alright. Severed that fucker's spine with this piece of rebar." said Onbizzle, holding up said rebar. "You killed it?! I shot that dude like three times, and Ayumi shot him once in the face!" said Sahil. Onbizzle chuckled. "Remember that jagoff I mentioned earlier? The one I almost beat to death?" asked Onbizzle. Sahil nodded. "Guess who the Model was." said Onbizzle. Sahil looked at him confused, but then understood what Onbizzle meant. "No. No! No way!" said Sahil. "Yup-yup. I told him to remember what I said the last time I saw him, but then I realized that he wasn't in control of the Model. He took control for a few seconds, asking me to kill him. I severed his spine while he was in control, which allowed him to actually be killed. He just didn't want to live anymore." said Onbizzle. "Wow... That's awesome." said Sahil. "Can we get back to the task at hand?" asked Ayumi, interrupting the conversation. "Oh, yeah. What do we do now?" asked Onbizzle. "You guys should find out what you have to do with those statues." replied Ayumi. Satoshi showed Onbizzle the Baby Statue. "I can do that, but first I want to check out what's in the back of this closet in here." said Onbizzle, pointing to the custodian's office. "There's something back there?" asked Sahil. "Yeah... and there's something else..." replied Onbizzle. "What? What's in there?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle went into the custodian's office, returning dragging Naho and Kibiki's bodies. "What the actual fuck?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle propped their bodies against the wall next to the custodian's office. "They were in the closet. Apparently, Naho was taken by the Darkening, killing Kibiki and committed suicide in the closet, next to Kibiki's body." said Satoshi. "We know. We found a note from Naho's notebook which said that. We told her and she couldn't take it, and the Darkening destroyed her spirit." said Ayumi. "What? When the fuck did that happen?" asked Sahil. "Just now! Before we got here!" replied Ayumi. "Oh, yeah..." said Sahil, remembering. Ayumi sighed and rolled her eyes. "So, I'll take the statues and--" Onbizzle started to say. The building started to shake. "FUCK!" yelled Sahil. The floor beneath he, Ayumi, and Yoshiki started to fall apart. Yoshiki grabbed Ayumi and pulled her to safety. Before Sahil could run as well, the floor behind him fell away, leaving him stranded. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUCK!" yelled Sahil. He saw that the gap between he and Satoshi's side was smaller than the one behind. He backed up a bit to get a running start. He ran towards the hole, jumping at right when the floor ultimately fell apart. "Yes!" said Sahil. It looked like he was going to make it, but started to lose momentum. "AWWW SHIT!" yelled Sahil, starting to fall into the darkness. He closed his eyes tight, waiting to splat on the ground below. He kept his eyes closed for five seconds, finally opening one. He was just flying there. "What the hell?" asked Sahil. He looked up, and saw Onbizzle gripped onto his wrists, struggling to pull him up with his broken hand. "Oh, THANK GOD! Onbizzle, I love you dude-bro!" yelled Sahil, grabbing Onbizzle's wrists. Satoshi grabbed Sahil's wrists as well, and Sahil was pulled up. Onbizzle dropped Sahil on his ass. Sahil jumped to his feet and hugged Onbizzle. "Alright, alright. That's enough, there's people watching." said Onbizzle, smothering Sahil's face with his palm, pushing him off. "You guys okay?" Satoshi asked Ayumi and Yoshiki. "Yeah, we're okay!" yelled Yoshiki. Onbizzle grabbed the rebar piece, and threw it across the giant hole. Yoshiki had to move aside or it would have hit him in the face. "Oh, sh-- Sorry! Take that with you! Just in case!" yelled Onbizzle. Yoshiki picked it up and nodded. "Alright, we'll find out the business about these statues and this secret closet room, and you guys try to find a way around to here!" yelled Satoshi. "Okay! See you soon!" Ayumi yelled back, directing it more towards Satoshi rather than the group. Onbizzle took note of it. Ayumi and Yoshiki took in search of a way around. "Let's go." said Satoshi, walking back into the custodian's office. Onbizzle followed, and Sahil started to follow, but stopped in front of Naho's body. "Yeah, bitch! Not so smug now, are you?!" whispered Sahil, getting close to her face. "Who's the idiot now?!" he whispered. Naho's head shifted, falling forward and her forehead hit Sahil in the nose. "Ah, bitch! Can't let it go, can you?!" asked Sahil, holding his nose. "Sahil!" yelled Onbizzle. "Shit! Coming!" said Sahil. He ran into the custodian's office. He skid to a stop, almost running into Naomi. "Oh! Naomi, I have something for you!" said Sahil. "What is it?" she asked, turning to him. Sahil rummaged through his pocket. "Uh.. One sec!" said Sahil, checking his other pocket. "There it is!" he said, pulling out Naomi's student ID. Naomi gasped. "There it is! Oh, Sahil! Thank you!" she said, taking it. "Where did you find it?!" she asked. "Oh, I too-- Uh... I found it in one of the hallways!" responded Sahil. Naomi hugged him. "Thank you!" said Naomi. "No problem!" said Sahil. He was going to her that he took it from Ayumi, but that would have caused unneeded problems. Onbizzle opened the back of the closet. "There's a room back here!" he said, stepping into the room. The room was pretty small, the only thing being in there was a ladder. Onbizzle walked over to the ladder, looking up to see where it goes. "I can't really see anything..." said Onbizzle, squinting to try and get a better look. Satoshi walked over to the ladder, looking up as well. "Well, only one way to find out..." said Satoshi, looking to Onbizzle. Onbizzle nodded and grabbed the ladder. The ladder creaked and groaned. "Shit, that's not too stable..." said Onbizzle, letting go of the ladder. Sahil, Yuka, and Naomi entered the room. "Where's that ladder go?" asked Sahil. "That's what we're going to find out. But only one of us can go up at a time." replied Onbizzle. "Naomi, you go first." said Satoshi. Naomi nodded, walking over to the ladder. She grabbed the side bars and put her foot on the first step. The ladder creaked and groaned again. Naomi looked at Satoshi, concerned. Satoshi nodded his head. Naomi climbed to the next step. The ladder held. She continued to the top, opening the hatch, and climbing out. "What's up there?" asked Satoshi. "Uhh... It's a bathroom..." replied Naomi. "A bathroom?" repeated Onbizzle. "There's something on the floor here..." said Naomi. "It's a rope!" said Naomi, after a few seconds. "Oh, shit..." said Onbizzle. "What?" asked Satoshi, turning to Onbizzle. "I'll explain later, just get up there!" replied Onbizzle. "Wait. Yuka you go next." said Satoshi, turning to her. Yuka shook her head quickly. "What? Why not?" asked Satoshi. "Can I just go last, please?" replied Yuka. "Why?" asked Satoshi. "Just... because..." replied Yuka. "Yuka..." said Satoshi, annoyed. "Would you just go, Satoshi?!" yelled Sahil, fed up with this back and forth. Satoshi sighed. "Don't worry, we'll send her up after you." said Onbizzle. Satoshi nodded, and started climbing the ladder. He reached the top and climbed off the ladder. "Alright, your turn, Yuka." said Onbizzle, turning to Yuka. She just shook her head again. Onbizzle kneeled down to her face level. "Why not?" he asked. Yuka got close to his ear, cupping her hands around it so only Onbizzle could hear. "When I wet myself, I took off my underwear..." she whispered. "Oh..." said Onbizzle. Yuka backed away from his ear. "Well, I told Satoshi I'd send you up after him... If you go up, Sahil and I will turn around so we can't see." whispered Onbizzle. "Hey, what are you two whispering about over there?" asked Sahil. "Fuck you, that's what." replied Onbizzle, looking up at him. "Oh, well EXCUSE me!" said Sahil, shaking his hands at Onbizzle while he said it. Onbizzle turned back to Yuka. "Deal?" he asked. "Deal." she said, smiling. Onbizzle got up and walked over to Sahil. "Done with your secrets, then?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle turned Sahil towards the entrance of the room, looking there as well, as Yuka started to climb the ladder. "What? What are we doing?" asked Sahil. "Eyes this way." replied Onbizzle, crossing his arms. Sahil started to turn his head, but Onbizzle grabbed his neck and squeezed, causing him to whip his head back around and press the side of his jaw against his collar in pain. "Eyes. This way." Onbizzle repeated, letting go of Sahil's neck. Yuka reached the top of the ladder and climbed off. "Okay!" she yelled down the ladder. "Okay, you're up." said Onbizzle, slapping Sahil's back. Sahil turned and walked over to the ladder. He grabbed the side bars and put his foot on the first step. "I'm, uh... Not a big fan of ladders..." said Sahil. "Okay, you stay down here, and I'll go first." said Onbizzle, walking over to Sahil. "Hopefully the hammer guy doesn't show up..." Onbizzle whispered into Sahil's ear. "Oh, fuck you..." said Sahil, looking at Onbizzle. He looked back at open hatch at the top of the ladder. Sahil took a deep breath in, exhaling slowly. "Alright... Here we go!" said Sahil. He pulled himself up to the next step. The ladder groaned louder and shook. "Uh oh..." said Sahil. At that moment, the top of the ladder snapped off of the hatch, not being able to support Sahil's weight, and tipped backwards, and broke into several pieces when it hit the opposite wall. "SHIT!" yelled Sahil, falling on his back. The pieces of ladder fell and pelted Onbizzle and Sahil. "Ow! OW, FUCK!" yelled Sahil. "You guys okay?" asked Satoshi from the hatch. "Yeah. Just peachy!" replied Sahil, getting to his feet. He and Onbizzle looked up to Satoshi. "Don't worry about us, we'll find a way to get to you guys. Can't be too hard." said Onbizzle. "Alright, we'll meet up by the entrance to the Second Wing." said Satoshi. Onbizzle nodded, turning around and leaving the room. "Wait, there's a Second Wing?" asked Sahil, turning and following Onbizzle. As Onbizzle was about to leave, he remembered Seiko's head. He went to grab it, but it was gone. "Son of a bitch..." mumbled Onbizzle. (Yes, Sahil. There's an entire Second Wing!)

"Well....fuck." Sahil said as they started to walk out of the Custodian's room. "Well where is the way to the second wing?" Sahil asked "This way. Down this hall then we make a left at the end."? Onbizzle replied. "Ahh fallowing snakes advice I see." Sahil said with a very stupid grin. "Shut up and let's keep moving." Onbizzle said as he facepalmed. As they were walking to go to the second wing they ran into Satoshi and co. "Looks like that ladder was a waste of time wasn't it?" Sahil said with the dumbest smirk imaginable. (Fuck this. Your turn because i know you want to write) "No shit." said Onbizzle. "Why do you have to be such a dick?" asked Sahil. "Fuck you, that's why." replied Onbizzle. "Oh... Dick." said Sahil. "Come on, let's go." said Satoshi, walking outside to the breezeway. Everyone else followed him out. Sahil was the last to leave, but before he walked through the door, he noticed something strange about the wall to his left. "What the hell..." he said, walking over to it. He ran his finger down the middle, feeling a crease. "What the--" he started. "Sahil! Did you get lost going through the fucking door?!" yelled Onbizzle. Onbizzle walked back through the door. "What the hell are you doing? Fucking the wall?" asked Onbizzle. "Wha-- Fuck you. No. This wall... there's something strange about it..." replied Sahil. Onbizzle walked over to Sahil and felt the wall. "Hey, you're right..." said Onbizzle, feeling the crease. Satoshi, Naomi, and Yuka came back through the door. "What are you two doing over there?" asked Satoshi. "There's a crease in the wall... This wall opens somehow." replied Onbizzle. "What are those?" asked Yuka. She pointed to two circle indents on pedestals on either side of the wall. "They looked like... Wait." said Onbizzle. He took out the two statues Ayumi gave them. "This... This is it! This is what the statues are for!" said Onbizzle, showing them the circled bottoms of the statues. He placed the Baby Statue on the right and the Angel Statue on the left. A few seconds passed. "Nothing's happening..." said Sahil. "Well, I guess I fucking put them in backwards!" said Onbizzle. He swapped the statues, and the wall slid open. Behind the wall was a long stretch of hallway, and at the end was a door. Sahil and Onbizzle looked down the hall. "Uhhh... No's goes!" said Sahil, putting his index finger on his nose. Onbizzle just looked at him. "I guess I'm going first now?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle nodded. Sahil groaned and stepped into the hallway, and the others followed. "I don't like this..." said Sahil. "Just keep moving, we're right behind you." said Onbizzle. They continued down hall. Blood started to drip from Yuka's nose. "Ah! Onii-chan!" said Yuka, wiping her nose. "Yuka!" said Satoshi, kneeling down to her. "It must be this hallway." said Onbizzle. He looked over to Naomi, who was also wiping her nose. "You two should stay here. Continuing could be dangerous." said Satoshi. Naomi and Yuka sat down and Onbizzle, Sahil, and Satoshi continued down the hall. They reached the door, and saw a note on it. "What's this?" asked Satoshi, pulling the note off of the door. "Sachiko, cleaning the Reference Room. Please wait here until I'm done." read Satoshi. Blood dripped down onto the paper. "What the hell?" asked Satoshi, and wiped his nose. His fingers came back with blood on them. "Come on, let's hurry up." said Onbizzle. He opened the door and the three entered. They looked around the room. "Is this...?" asked Sahil. Onbizzle nodded. "The Infirmary..." he replied. The room looked fairly normal, except the candle on the desk against the opposite wall was lit. Onbizzle noticed a notebook on the desk. He went to take a step forward, but couldn't. "What the hell?!" yelled Sahil. He and Satoshi couldn't move, either. The notebook on the desk flipped open, the pencil floating into the air and started writing in the notebook. After a few seconds, the pencil dropped back onto the desk, and the ghost of a woman appeared. She appeared to be a school nurse. She also seemed to be the source of the paralysis. "Oh, hello!" she said. "Uhh... Hello." said Onbizzle. "What can I help you with?" asked the ghost. "If you could let us go, that would be great." replied Sahil. "Oh, yes! Of course! But will you please listen to my story?" she asked. "Uhh... We really don't have ti--" Onbizzle started to say. "My daughter, Sachiko, is my pride and joy. She--" the ghost started to say. "YOUR DAUGHTER'S A BITCH." interrupted Sahil. The ghost woman started to scream, her concentration being broken by Sahil's statement. Onbizzle could feel the paralysis fading. "Snatch and run!" yelled Sahil, making a dash for the notebook. As soon as he grabbed it, the ghost woman turned her attention on him, and her head dropped down onto her shoulder, her neck being broken. "Oh, shit!" said Sahil. "Not it!" He yelled, and tossed the notebook to Onbizzle. Onbizzle caught it and he and Satoshi ran from the room. While the ghost's attention was to turned temporarily to Onbizzle, Sahil ran past her and out the door. "GO GO GO!" yelled Sahil, sprinting down the hall. They got out of the hallway and back in front of the breezeway door. Panting, Sahil sat down on the floor. "What's that?" asked Yuka, pointing to the notebook in Onbizzle's hands. "It's the diary of Sachiko's mom." replied Onbizzle. He flipped it open. The book detailed how Sachiko's mother, Yoshie Shinozaki, was almost raped by the principal. She tried to run, but he pushed her down the stairs, breaking her neck when she landed. Not only that, but Sachiko saw everything, so the principal had to strangle her to death to keep her quiet. "What an asshole!" said Sahil. "Shut up." said Onbizzle, and continued reading. The notebook continued with Yoshie cursing the principal's family, which is what caused his son, Yoshikazu, to lose his mind and kidnap the children so Sachiko could kill them. "Yoshikazu... Why do I know that name?" asked Sahil. "Hammer dude." replied Onbizzle, not looking up from the notebook. "Oh." said Sahil. Yoshie's mother also wrote that she didn't know how Sachiko got another body, but she did somehow. Yoshie was happy that Sachiko was murdering for her, but eventually grew sick of it. In a couple of entries, she simply wrote "Kill more" and "Bring me m o re". She then wrote about the three of the ghost children walking the halls, and how she won't be lonely anymore thanks to them. She also wrote how when the school closed down, the principal jumped off of the roof, killing himself. The last legible entry she wrote was that Sachiko just wanders the halls, killing all who enter. "The rest is just gibberish." said Onbizzle, closing the notebook. "Wow... Now I feel like a dick for calling her daughter a bitch. I should apologize." said Sahil, getting to his feet. "Uhh... That might not be too smart. She seems to hold a grudge against people who talk shit on her daughter." said Onbizzle. "Come on, let's go to the Second Wing." said Satoshi. Everyone else agreed, and they walked out into the breezeway. Sahil noticed the trees surrounding the school. "Hey! We can get out of the school through the forest!" said Sahil, running for the railing. Onbizzle grabbed the collar of his shirt. "No, you idiot! This is an EVIL school! Don't you think there'd be more survivors if we could just get out through the fucking forest?!" said Onbizzle. He yanked Sahil back over to the group. There was a rickety sound coming from the roof of the Second Wing. "You guys hear that?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah..." replied Sahil. He went to the end of the rail by the Second Wing, leaning out and looking up to the roof. "I don't see anythi-- HOLY SHIT!" yelled Sahil. He quickly pulled himself back into the breezeway just as a man fell from the roof and hit the ground. "WHAT THE HELL?!" yelled Sahil, panting. "It's the principal's ghost." said Onbizzle, pointing to the landing spot. The same man fell and hit the ground again. "He's stuck killing himself like that." said Onbizzle. "Hey... There's something over there." said Satoshi, pointing to the spot where the principal kept landing. Sahil went over to look. "It's a key!" said Sahil. He jumped over the railing and grabbed the key. "Got it!" he said. Just then, the principal hit ground again, and ghost blood splashed Sahil. "Oh, EW! EW! EW, EW, EEWWWW!" yelled Sahil, trying to wipe it off. It faded away as the principal's ghost did. "Oh, there we go--" Sahil started to say, but the principal hit the ground again, splashing Sahil with another wave of ghost blood. "Fucking. Nasty." said Sahil, climbing back over the railing. "What's the key go to?" asked Onbizzle. "Well, being the super detective that I am, I would say that the key that I got from the principal's death spot, which fell off of the principal's body, would probably go to... Oh, I don't know... THE FUCKING PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE." replied Sahil. Onbizzle just stared at him. "Yeah. How's it feel to be talked to like you're an idiot?" asked Sahil. "It's quite hurtful, I'll admit. I'm sorry." replied Onbizzle. "It's okay. Come on! Bring it in!" said Sahil, walking towards Onbizzle with his arms outstretched for a hug. Before Sahil could hug him, Onbizzle ball-tapped him. "AH! ASSHOLE!" groaned Sahil, hunched over and holding his testicles. "Let's keep moving." said Onbizzle. "Yeah, the second I find where my testicles were slapped to, I'll be right with you!" said Sahil, still hunched over. Satoshi, Naomi, and Yuka laughed. "You'll be okay." said Onbizzle, patting Sahil's back as he walked past him and entered the Second Wing. "But my kids won't be!" said Sahil, hobbling into the Second Wing. (Heh heh... Testicles... Sahil!)

As the five had walked into the second wing the air had a different feel to it. "Oh geez. Why do I have a splitting headache all of a sudden? It feels like my head is just going to cave in." Sahil said when he hobbled his way into the building. "Yeah...I can feel it too. But we gotta muscle through this." Onbizzle had said. Sahil had put his hands in his pockets and realized he dropped his phone. "Hey guys, I'll catch up with you. I think I dropped my phone when we ran from the Infirmary." Sahil said as he turned back. "Alright, just don't take too long. We'll be right here." Onbizzle said as Sahil walked out the door. "Hmmm... Okay, let's see...if I was a phone, where would I drop..."Sahil thought to himself as he searched for his phone. "Ahh there you are...and hello, what's this?" Sahil had said as he saw his phone next to something in front of the hall leafing to the Infirmary. "This looks like...a cat plushie?" Sahil thought as he walked back to the second wing. As he entered the building Onbizzle saw something black in his hand. "Hey, what's that?" He asked pointing to the cat plushie in his hand. "Well," Sahil said "it's an adorable little cat plushie I found in front of the hall leading to the Infirmary. Probably the same one that Yoshie talked about giving to Sachiko in her notebook." Sahil said. "What? She doesn't talk about that!" Onbizzle said. "Yeah she does. Right on this page" Sahil said, taking the notebook from Onbizzle's hands. (Tag out!) "Right here! First page, first entry, July 19th, 1953! And I quote: 'Today is her seventh birthday. I hope she likes the stuffed cat I got her.'." said Sahil. "Let me see that!" said Onbizzle, grabbing the notebook. He read the entry in question. "Oh, that's why! It starts off talking about elementary school kids! Nobody likes them! I skipped down to part where she talks about the attempted rape." said Onbizzle, closing the notebook. "Well, ha, and fucking ha! Look who knows more now! Me! This guy! Hahaha!" yelled Sahil. Onbizzle slapped him across the face with the notebook. Sahil put his hand on the spot where Onbizzle slapped him. "How DARE you, sir!" said Sahil with a British accent. He slapped Onbizzle across the face. Onbizzle slapped Sahil even harder. Sahil slapped Onbizzle even harder than that. Onbizzle punched Sahil in the mouth. Sahil covered his mouth with his hand. "AH! Fuck you, dude!" said Sahil, through his hand. "Don't go startin' Slap Wars 'cause this is how's it's always going to end." said Onbizzle. "Hey! Stop it, you two!" said Naomi. "He started it..." mumbled Sahil. "Yeah, we'll I'm ENDING it." said Naomi. "Gawd! You sound just like my mom..." said Sahil. The group makes their way up the stairwell to the Principal's Office. "Be careful. We don't know what's on the other side of this door..." said Satoshi. "Sahil, can I have the key?" he asked, holding out his hand. Sahil just looked at his hand. "You DO have the key, don't you?" asked Onbizzle. "If I were to say yes, would you not hit me?" replied Sahil. "YOU LOST IT?!" screamed Onbizzle. "NO! No, I didn't lose it! It's... just not where I would like it to be, which is in my possession." said Sahil. "Go." said Onbizzle, pointing to the stairs. "What?" asked Sahil. "You heard me. Go. Don't come back until you have that key." replied Onbizzle. Sahil looked at the stairs, then back at Onbizzle. "GO." repeated Onbizzle, pointing to the stairs again. "B-B-But... There's ghosts! And that hammer dude! And Sachiko's somewhat hot ghost mom, who's probably still pissed at me!" pleaded Sahil. "Well, maybe they can help you look!" said Onbizzle, sarcastically. "But--" Sahil started to say. "Sahil, I'm going to give you to the count of three, or I'm throwing you down those stairs. If I really have to do this childish counting bullshit, I will." said Onbizzle. Sahil just looked at him with sad eyes. "One..." said Onbizzle. Sahil continued to just look at him. "Two..." said Onbizzle. Sahil just continued to look at him. "Two and a half..." said Onbizzle. Sahil started to tear up. "Oh, for fuck's sakes, Sahil! You're a grown-ass man!" yelled Onbizzle. "But inside I still have the heart of a child..." mumbled Sahil. Onbizzle sighed. "Alright, alright! We'll come with you, but you're doing all of the searching." said Onbizzle. Sahil hugged him. "Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" yelled Sahil. Onbizzle pushed him off. "You're welcome, but that hugging shit's gotta stop!" said Onbizzle, fixing his shirt. The group went back downstairs to the entranceway of the Second Wing. "Alright, do you remember where you lost it?" asked Onbizzle. "Uhh.... It was probably back in the hallway when I went to get my phone." replied Sahil. Onbizzle sighed, closing his eyes and squeezing the bridge of his nose. "Alright." said Onbizzle. He turned to Satoshi, Naomi, and Yuka. "If you guys want to wait at the top of the stairwell, we shouldn't be long." said Onbizzle. "Okay. We'll be outside of the Principal's Office if you need us." said Satoshi. He, Naomi, and Yuka went back to the stairwell. Onbizzle turned back to Sahil, who was messing with the cat plushie. "Come on, numb-nuts." said Onbizzle, walking through the breezeway door. "Oh, don't start making those jokes!" said Sahil. He walked to the door, but didn't look up from the cat. The door started to close and hit him in the face. "OW!" he yelled, grabbing his face. Onbizzle turned to him. "If this is how you're going to function with that cat plushie, I'm taking it away from you." said Onbizzle. "No!" said Sahil, hugging the cat. Onbizzle and Sahil walked to the other building, entering and making that right into the secret hallway. "There it is!" said Sahil. The key was about halfway up the hallway. Sahil went to go get it, but Onbizzle stopped him. "Careful, Sahil... That's the nosebleed section. That's where Sachiko's mom's influence starts." Onbizzle warned Sahil. "Yeah, yeah. Don't worry! I got this!" said Sahil. He walked down the hallway. "Okay.. So far so good..." said Sahil. He reached the key. "See? Piece of cake!" yelled Sahil. He bent down to pick up the key, but before he could grab it, it was pulled closer to the Infirmary door. "What the hell?" asked Sahil. He took a step forward and reached for the key. Once again, the key was pulled closer to the door. "Oooh! This old trick..." said Sahil, rubbing his chin. He inched closer to the key. He lifted his hand, and the key started sliding towards the door. He let his hand drop, and the key slid back to its previous spot. He lifted his hand again, and the key started to slide. He let his hand drop and the key returned. He started to lift his hand again. "WOULD YOU JUST FUCKING GRAB IT ALREADY?!" screamed Onbizzle. Sahil reached for the key, and it was pulled closer to the door. "Mother fucker!" yelled Sahil, stomping his foot. Onbizzle walked to Sahil. "It's not letting me grab it!" said Sahil. "It's just sitting there! MOCKING ME! It thinks I don't know, but I know! I'M ONTO YOUR LITTLE GAME, KEY!" screamed Sahil, pointing at the key. Onbizzle reached down and picked up the key. He turned and started walking back down the hall. Sahil turned to him. "Really? Just... fucking really?" asked Sahil. He turned to the Infirmary door. It was cracked open, and a pair of pure white eyes were staring at him. "YYYYYYYeeeeeaaaaah... Fuck this place." said Sahil. He took off running down the hall and caught up to Onbizzle. Onbizzle stopped walking. He turned around and started walking back to the door. "What the fuck are you doing?!" asked Sahil. Onbizzle didn't say anything. He walked right up to the door, looking directly at the eyes. He reached into his pocket and took out Yoshie's notebook. He held it out towards the door. The eyes looked down at the notebook, and then back at Onbizzle. The door opened a little more, and Yoshie's hand reached out. Onbizzle handed her the notebook. She pulled the notebook into the Infirmary. "I'm sorry about what happened to you. Nobody deserves that punishment, but Principal Takamine is in pain as well, both mentally and physically. I also apologize for what my idiot friend said to you earlier about Sachiko. I'll make sure to hit him extra hard next time. And if it's any consolation, we're going to try and appease your daughter." said Onbizzle. "Thank you..." said Yoshie, after a few seconds. "Mmhmm..." sounded Onbizzle. He turned away from the door and it closed. He walked back to Sahil. "Wait, you weren't serious about the--" Sahil started to ask, but Onbizzle punched him in the stomach. "Try not to piss off anymore ghosts." said Onbizzle, patting his back. "After this whole thing is done, I might just not open my mouth anymore..." said Sahil, holding his stomach. He and Onbizzle walked back through the breezeway. Sahil let out a high-pitched whistle, which slowly got lower in pitch. "Splat!" said Sahil, right when the principal hit the ground. Onbizzle chuckled and shook his head. They walked back into the Second Wing and went up the stairwell. "Did you guys find the key?" asked Satoshi. Onbizzle held up the key. "Great. Let's open up this door." said Satoshi.

Onbizzle walked over and unlocked the Principal's Office. He opened up the door and looked inside. "What the fuck...?" asked Onbizzle. There were charms literally everywhere in the Principal's Office. "Huh... It's almost like he was trying to keep something out." said Satoshi. "Or someone..." said Onbizzle. "Sachiko. He was trying to keep Sachiko out." said Sahil. "Yeah, we know." said Onbizzle. "Alright! Just makin' sure everyone is on the same page..." said Sahil. They searched around the Principal's Office. Sahil went through the principal's desk. He opened the top left-hand drawer, and pulled out a small coin purse. He opened it up. "Hey! Yen. Well, you never know when you're going to go to Japan..." said Sahil, and tucked it in his pocket. He closed the top drawer and opened the middle drawer. He saw a little bag inside. "Oh? And is this more Yen?" he asked. Sahil opened up the bag, and almost puked. "AGH! AWWW! That isn't Yen at all!" he said, struggling to keep the vomit down. "What is it?" asked Onbizzle. "Just fucking look for yourself!" yelled Sahil, walking away from the desk. Onbizzle walked over and pulled the bag out. It was soaked with blood. "Well, this can't be good." said Onbizzle. He opened up the bag and peeked inside. "Huh... Well that's something, alright..." said Onbizzle. The bag contained a tongue. Onbizzle read the label on the bag. "Sachiko." he said. "Let me see that." said Satoshi. Onbizzle handed him the tongue. The second Onbizzle let go, Satoshi's pupils dilated. "Satoshi? Satoshi, you okay?" asked Onbizzle. He snapped his fingers in front of Satoshi's face, but no response. "Well, he's gone for the time being..." said Onbizzle. "Why the fuck would the principal cut out Sachiko's tongue?! That's just sick!" said Sahil. Onbizzle thought about it for a moment. "It's because she wouldn't stop talking to him, even in death. He cut it out in an attempt to make her stop." said Satoshi, finally coming out of his trance. "How do you know that?" asked Onbizzle. "I don't know what happened, but when you let go of the bag, I saw a memory of Principal Takamine. He dug up Sachiko's body cut out he tongue, but that didn't make her stop." replied Satoshi. "Hey, I found something!" said Yuka. Everyone walked over to her. "What is it, Yuka?" asked Satoshi. "There's a draft coming from behind this cabinet." replied Yuka. "Onbizzle, can you...?" asked Satoshi. "Oh, yeah. Of course." replied Onbizzle. He lifted up the cabinet and threw it aside. "Well, you could have just PUSHED it, but..." said Satoshi. "Hey. I don't tell you how to live your life." said Onbizzle, turning to Satoshi. "Fair enough." said Satoshi. Satoshi looked in the gap behind the cabinet. "It's another ladder, going down." said Satoshi. He turned to Naomi. "You wanna go first?" asked Satoshi. "Sure." replied Naomi. She climbed down the ladder. "Yuka?" asked Satoshi. "Okay." replied Yuka, not concerned with her ladder problem. Yuka climbed down next. "Go ahead." said Onbizzle, talking to Satoshi. He nodded and climbed down the ladder. "You goin' next?" asked Onbizzle. "Yeah, I guess so." replied Sahil. "Alright, but don't break the ladder this time." joked Onbizzle. "Is that a gay joke?" asked Sahil. "No-- What? No! What kinda stupid question is that?" replied Onbizzle. Sahil climbed down the ladder, and Onbizzle followed. (I wonder what Yoshikazu's up to... Your turn, Sahil)

"What is this some sort of bomb shelter?" Sahil asked. "Well, no shit, Sherlock. I thought you were supposed to some super detective." Onbizzle said as he walked forward. "Well what are you guys waiting for? Let's go!" He said as he gestured for everyone to hurry up. They had run into a blue floating flame who walked in a certain path. Sahil, being the impatient ass that he is said, "Fuck this. We don't have time for this shit." And ran straight through the middle and the floor opened up under him and he fell through and yelled "It's a trap!" as he fell. When he hit the ground he yelled "Fuck! I landed on my fucking keys! I knew they were conspiring against me!" Onbizzle sighed and said "Great. Now I need to save this idiot before he starves and eats himself or something." He jumped into the hole. He got Sahil up and they started to walk back but they heard talking coming from a room to their right. When they walked into the room there was a loud slamming noise and screaming. "Shit! I think someone's falling!" Onbizzle said "You stand there, I'll try to catch them!" He said to Sahil. Onbizzle set himself in the middle of the room as Sahil stood to the side with his arms crossed. (Fuck it I'm lazy your turn) The screaming grew steadily louder, but Onbizzle couldn't tell where it was coming from exactly. He stared up into the darkness. "Don't worry! I'm going to catch you!" yelled Onbizzle. A few seconds later, a woman fell from the darkness, but instead of Onbizzle catching her, Sahil broke her fall. "AGH! MAH BACK!" yelled Sahil with a strained voice. Onbizzle ran over and helped the woman off of Sahil. She looked visibly shaken from her near-death experience. "Are you alright?" Onbizzle asked the woman. "NO! I'M NOT ALRIGHT!" replied Sahil. "Well, I didn't ask YOU, but I will. Sahil, are YOU alright?" asked Onbizzle. "WHY AM I FRIENDS WITH YOU?! HELP ME!" replied Sahil. Onbizzle helped him to his feet. Sahil immediately hunched over, putting a hand on his back for support. "Where does it hurt?" asked Onbizzle. "Right in the middle of my spine.. Why--" Sahil started to ask. Onbizzle punched Sahil in the middle of his spine, causing it to crack. "AH! FUCK-- Wait." said Sahil. He stood up straight. "You fixed my spine! With painful, loving touch of physical assault!" said Sahil. "Yeah, you're welcome." said Onbizzle. He turned back to the woman, who looked like she had calmed down. "Are you alright, miss...?" asked Onbizzle. "Yui. Ms. Yui." replied the woman. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Yui." said Onbizzle. "Likewise." said Ms. Yui. She turned to Sahil. "Uhh... Thanks for breaking my fall, I guess?" said Ms. Yui. "Hey, there's no thanks here! We hug in this dysfunctional family! Bring it in!" said Sahil. He hugged Ms. Yui. "AGH!" she screamed in pain. Sahil quickly let go. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" said Sahil. "Oh... It's not you..." said Ms. Yui, panting from pain. She showed Onbizzle and Sahil her injured arm. "Did that just happen from the fall?!" asked Onbizzle. "No... It happened quite a bit ago..." replied Ms. Yui. "Well, that makes two of us." said Onbizzle. He showed Ms. Yui his broken hand. "At the risk of sounding rude, Ms. Yui, you seem to be a little old to be doing childish rituals that are on the internet." said Onbizzle. "Oh, no! It's not like that. I did it with some of my students!" said Ms. Yui. "Oh, you're a teacher?" asked Onbizzle. "Yes! I did the ritual and ended up here, and I've been looking for then ever since. I was actually just with two of them before I fell down here." said Ms. Yui. "Who're your students?" asked Onbizzle. "Well let's see... There's Satoshi, and his little sister Yuka, but she isn't one of my students. Then there's Naomi, Seiko, Ayumi, Yoshiki, Mayu, and Morishige." replied Ms. Yui. "Oh, YOU'RE their teacher! Satoshi was telling me about you earlier. He said nothing but good things." said Onbizzle. "What?! You saw my other students?! Are they okay?!" asked Ms. Yui in a panic. "Yeah, they're fine!... But..." Onbizzle trailed off. "But what?!" asked Ms. Yui. Onbizzle sighed. "Seiko, Mayu, and Morishige... have passed away..." replied Onbizzle. "Oh, God..." said Ms. Yui, covering her mouth with her hand in shock. "I didn't know them very well, but from the time spent with them, I'm saddened from their passing." said Onbizzle, trying to comfort Ms. Yui. "But Morishige was an asshole, and we didn't even meet Mayu!" whispered Sahil. Onbizzle turned and glared at him. "Ehm... I'll be quiet now..." mumbled Sahil. Onbizzle turned back to Ms. Yui, who was tearing up. "Listen, Ms. Yui. I know you're saddened by the loss of some of your students, but the ones that are still here NEED their teacher, and they need her to be a symbol of hope, not sadness." said Onbizzle. Ms. Yui nodded and wiped away the built up tears. "It's funny..." said Ms. Yui. "I just had a similar talk with Ayumi before I fell down here." she said. "Well, let's go see if she took your advice." said Onbizzle.

They left the room and started walking down the hall. "Permission to speak, Captain?" asked Sahil. "Permission granted." replied Onbizzle. "I forgot my cat." said Sahil. "Cat...?" asked Ms. Yui, confused. "It's best not to question anything Sahil says because you'll never get a legitimate answer..." whispered Onbizzle. He turned to Sahil. "Ten seconds." said Onbizzle. "'Ten seconds' what?" asked Sahil. "Nine seconds." said Onbizzle. "Nine seconds? Wha-- Oh!" said Sahil, finally getting it. He ran back into the room. "Did you really have to count down like that?" asked Ms. Yui. "Sahil knows that if I reach zero, something bad is going to happen. So, yes, it helps." replied Onbizzle. Sahil returned with the cat plushie a few seconds later. "Okay, I'm ready!" said Sahil. They started walking down the hall again, and Sahil suddenly stopped. "Hey, uh... Onbizzle?..." asked Sahil. Onbizzle stopped. "Sahil... I swear to GOD, if you say you dropped your cellphone back in that room..." said Onbizzle. "Uhh.. Uhm..." said Sahil. After a minor beating and a cell phone retrieval, the three made their way back up stairs. They were back in the room with the body part-covered tables. Ms. Yui gasped at the sight of the tables. "I know... Just try not to think about it..." said Onbizzle. The blue flame spirit appeared again and showed them the safe path through. Onbizzle and Ms. Yui followed the flame, but Sahil started to walk up the middle path again. "Noooo..." said Onbizzle, grabbing Sahil's shirt collar. After they got through the table rooms and the unnecessary room where you pull all of the levers (seriously, how fucking unneeded was that room?), a door came up on their right. "Wonder what's in there?" asked Sahil. As soon as he said that, the door opened up and Naomi ran out. She turned right and took off running down the hallway. "Naomi! NAOMI!" yelled Onbizzle. Naomi didn't respond. Satoshi and Yuka came out of the room. "Satoshi! Yuka!" said Onbizzle. They turned to Onbizzle. "Onbizzle! Sahil! And..." Satoshi trailed off. Ms. Yui smiled at him. "Ms. Yui!" said Satoshi, almost tearing up. "Satoshi, what happened? Where'd Naomi go?" asked Onbizzle. "We went into this room, which turned out to be a dissection room. We heard footsteps coming, so we hid under the table. Then that Taguchi guy came in the room and hid in the closet in there. We heard more footsteps, and that hammer guy, Yoshikazu, came in and... he was dragging around Seiko's body..." replied Satoshi. "Oh, God..." said Onbizzle.  Ms. Yui gasped and covered her mouth in shock. "Yoshikazu found Taguchi and killed him, and ran off with Seiko's body. That's when Naomi took off just now." said Satoshi. "We have to find her before she gets hurt!" said Ms. Yui. Satoshi nodded and they all ran after Naomi, following a blood trail left from Seiko's corpse. They made a right, and then a left. Another door came up on their left. It opened, and Ayumi stepped out, who was crying, and was followed by Yoshiki, who didn't look too happy either. "Ayumi! Yoshiki!" yelled Satoshi. They turned to him. "Satoshi!" Ayumi yelled back, and hugged him when he got to her. "Hey, we're here, too..." said Sahil. "I'm so glad to see you guys make it, but... Ms. Yui..." said Ayumi. "'Ms. Yui' what?" asked Ms. Yui, pushing her way to the front of the group. "M-Ms. Yui?!" asked Ayumi, tearing up. (Stop dropping your cell phone, Sahil!)

Ayumi let go of Satoshi and ran over and Hugged Ms. Yui. "Thank God you're alive! We thought you had died!" Ayumi had said. "Well I'm fine, thanks to these two over here." Ms. Yui had said pointing to Onbizzle and Sahil. "Yeah...She landed on my fuckin' back!" Sahil had said. "Oh, shut up. I fixed it, didn't I?" Onbizzle said with an annoyed look on his face. "Well...on to the next order of business appeasing the bitch-- err, I mean Sachiko." Sahil said. "Well, no use sitting here with our thumbs up our asses, let's go!" Onbizzle said. "Hey, where is Naomi?" Ayumi asked. "She'll be with us soon. She had some business she needed to take care of." Sahil said as he followed Onbizzle. As the groups walked to where Sachiko was buried but Yuki had appeared in front of them and explained the after they appease her they must do the ritual correctly, but in reverse and put the doll scraps back together. She then vanished. The group walked into the room. "Sachiko!" Onbizzle yelled. "Look. We know the shit you've gone through. We know what has happened to you, and we want to help you." Then, at that moment, everyone is paralyzed from the waist down. "What? I-I can't move." Sahil said. "Look, Sachiko. We want to help. Here we brought something for you." Onbizzle reached into his pocket and pulled out Sachiko's tongue and threw it to her. "We also brought the cat plushie your mom bought you for your 7th birthday." Onbizzle looked over to Sahil, and Sahil just stared back. "Sahil..." Onbizzle said as he out stretched his hand. Sahil just looked at him and slowly started to move the plushie away from Onbizzle. "Give me the cat." He said with a stern and annoyed voice. "She doesn't need it! She's dead anyway!" Sahil said. Sahil, give me the fucking doll before I hurt you." Onbizzle said. "You can't even move." Sahil replied. Then Onbizzle looked at Sachiko, and was able to move his legs again. "Okay, okay, okay! Here take the cat. Fucking hell, man." Sahil said as he threw the cat at Onbizzle. (Your turn.) Onbizzle caught it and turned to Sachiko. He went to hand her the cat, but Yoshie appeared in front of him. "Please, let me do it..." said Yoshie, holding out her hand. "That would probably be best." said Onbizzle, and handed her the cat. Yoshie turned to Sachiko. "M-Mommy...?" asked Sachiko. "Yes, Sachi... It's me... And look at what I have for you..." replied Yoshie, and held out the cat. Sachiko slowly reached for the cat, breaking her concentration, and the paralysis wore off. "Come on, while she's distracted!" said Onbizzle, turning to everyone. He and Sahil proceeded with their ritual, and Satoshi, Yuka, Ayumi, Yoshiki, and Ms. Yui did theirs. At that moment, Naomi ran into the room and over to her group. When they finished, Sachiko started to glow, and a bright flash came out of her body. Everyone shielded their eyes. "AGH! MY GAMER EYES! THEY BUUUUURN!" screamed Sahil, turning away in pain. The flash faded a few seconds later, and Onbizzle unshielded his eyes. Sachiko's red dress had been turned white and her skin was no longer a tint of green. "Come along now, Sachi..." said Yoshie, holding out her hand. Sachiko reached to take it, but stopped and looked at Sahil, who was still rubbing his eyes. She ran over to him and tugged on his shirt. "Huh? What?" asked Sahil, looking around, and then down at Sachiko. She was holding out the cat plushie. "Wha-- Are you sure?" asked Sahil. Sachiko smiled and nodded. Sahil slowly grabbed the cat plushie. Sachiko ran back and took her mom's hand. "Thank you... All of you..." said Yoshie. "Thank you all..." said Sachiko, and they both faded away. Onbizzle turned to everyone. "Alright, let's get ou--" Onbizzle started to say. The school started to shake very violently. "I THOUGHT WE DID IT?!" screamed Sahil. Yuki appeared in front of them. "Yuki! What's going on?!" asked Onbizzle. "The school is falling apart. Without Sachiko, the school can't hold the closed spaces together. A new Sachiko will be chosen soon from the spirits in the school." replied Yuki. "What?! How can we save you?!" asked Ayumi. "You can't. The only thing you can do is run. Get out of the school before the seventh bell chimes." replied Yuki, and disappeared. The first bell chimed.

"RUUUUUN!" screamed Sahil, and took off running. Everyone else took off after Sahil. They passed by the dissection room and ran through the lever-pulling room. The second bell chimed. They got to the first room with the body part tables, and Sahil ran up the middle path again. A trapdoor opened up and Sahil fell down to the lower levels again. "SAHIL!" screamed Onbizzle. "JUST GO! I'LL CATCH UP!" Sahil screamed back. "Fuck!" yelled Onbizzle, and kept running. They made it through the tables and the third bell chimed. They ran to the ladder, but Onbizzle noticed a door further down the hall. "What's in there?!" asked Onbizzle. "I have no idea!" replied Satoshi. "Only one way to find out!" said Onbizzle. Onbizzle burst through the door. "It's the main building! Come on! Run!" said Onbizzle. The fourth bell chimed. They ran passed the custodian's office, turning right and ran to the corner where Mayu was killed. They rounded the corner, avoiding the remains on the floor. "Oh, God!" said Ms. Yui. "I know, I know! But keep running!" said Onbizzle. The fifth bell chimed. They took a left and ran passed the secret hallway and ran out into the breezeway. Onbizzle helped Yuka, Naomi, Ayumi, and Ms. Yui over the railing, and they disappeared with a flash of light. Yoshiki jumped over the railing and disappeared as well. Satoshi started climbing over the railing, but noticed Onbizzle staring at the door. "Onbizzle! Come on!" yelled Satoshi. "Go! I've gotta wait for Sahil!" Onbizzle yelled back. "But--" Satoshi started to say. Onbizzle turned to him. "Onbizzle thirty-five at Yahoo dot com!" yelled Onbizzle. "What--" Satoshi started to ask, but Onbizzle grabbed him and threw him over the railing as the sixth bell chimed. Satoshi disappeared in a flash and Onbizzle turned back to the door. Suddenly, the door flew open and Sahil came sprinting out. "Sahil!" yelled Onbizzle. Sahil was running directly at him. "Wait, what're you--" Onbizzle started to ask. Sahil tackled Onbizzle over the railing as the seventh bell chimed.

"Ugh... What-- Where?" asked Onbizzle, sitting up and grabbing his head. He looked around and found Sahil on the ground next to him. "Sahil! SAHIL!" yelled Onbizzle shaking him. "Gugh... What? What happened?" asked Sahil, sitting up. Onbizzle looked around. They were on a sidewalk, and it was nighttime. "Wait." said Onbizzle. He looked up at the street sign. They were at the corner of Foreshadowing Road and Danger Street. "Dude... Dude! We did it!" yelled Onbizzle, jumping to his feet. "What?! We did?!" asked Sahil, looking around. "Fuck yeah we did!" replied Onbizzle. "Fuck yeah!" yelled Sahil, jumping to his feet. He went to hug Onbizzle, but stopped, remembering what Onbizzle had said. Onbizzle bear-hugged Sahil as hard as he could. "AGH! MAH BACK!" screamed Sahil. It's been a week since Onbizzle and Sahil escaped from Heavenly Host Elementary School, and in that time, they got together and wrote "Sachiko Ever After: The Hell that is Heavenly Host", an article detailing the dangers of Sachiko Ever After, and telling what they had experienced. It quickly became an internet sensation, but was obviously viewed as fake. But Onbizzle and Sahil knew that it wasn't. And across the world, six other people knew that, too. It was a Monday night, and Onbizzle was checking his email, looking for any replies from jobs. He was skimming through spam and junk when an email address caught his eye: "Hey! Satoshi!" said Onbizzle and clicked on it. It was a long email, detailing that after they escaped, nobody remember who Seiko, Mayu, or Morishige were. It's like they never had existed. And Naomi had told Satoshi that when she was chasing Yoshikazu, she came across a room with a television in it. Taguchi's camera was hooked up to it and there was a tape in the camera. When Naomi pressed play, it showed her that Taguchi was there, and he recorded Naomi trying to kill Seiko. "Oh, man..." mumbled Onbizzle. He kept reading. Naomi then said that she was starting to succumb to the Darkening, trying to control her. She was going to let it, but then her cell phone played the "incoming text" sound. When Naomi checked her phone, she had received a text from Seiko, entitled "No hard feelings". The text said that Seiko didn't blame Naomi for her death. Naomi then escaped the Darkening, and that's when she came in during the appeasement for Sachiko. The email also said that Naomi started to question if Seiko even existed. If all that time together was all just in her head. Satoshi had reassured that Seiko, Mayu, and Morishige did exist, and everything they had done together did happen. Satoshi finished by saying that Naomi burst into tears since she would never see any of them ever again. "Damn..." said Onbizzle. He clicked reply.

"Hey, Satoshi. Sorry to hear about Naomi... It makes me upset that Seiko, Mayu, and Morishige died in that fucking place." said Onbizzle as he typed. "But, even if they're trapped in that school, they can be at some peace knowing that we all didn't die in there... And at least Mayu and Morishige will be able to be together. But Seiko... I can't begin to imagine what Naomi must feel. Sahil and I got together and wrote an article about what happened in that damn school. It's become really popular, but it's just seen as another fiction story. Hopefully, at least some people will actually believe what happened, and stay away from Sachiko Ever After. It's nice to know that there are people who know what happened, and Sahil and I aren't just crazy." finished Onbizzle. He clicked send.

- fin -


Well, that's our story, and we're sticking to it. If you enjoyed the story, I'm glad. If you didn't, I don't hate you, but I don't like you either. When I can get some more precise information, I'll write a sequel with Sahil with the Book of Shadows storyline. That's all from me for now. I'll be editing this story now and again, fixing spelling errors, and possibly Sahil's GOD AWFUL grammar. Anything you want to add, Sahil? - Onbizzle

This story was quite fun to write up. I had a lot of fun writing it and reading it as well. I'm glad that we can end it off here and move on. I can't wait for Book of Shadows now so we can figure out a way to write that story. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. - Sahil