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Onbizzle, Onbizzle and SahilD's Heavenly Host Adventure

Onbizzle and SahilD's
Heavenly Host Adventure
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Fan Fiction Information

Corpse Party
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows




Horror/Comedy Fan Fiction


Fiction Teen (13+)


Part 1: 1 chapter.
Part 2: 3 chapters.


Part 1: 27,122 words.
Part 2: 6,953 words.

Onbizzle and SahilD's Heavenly Host Adventure is a fan fiction written by Onbizzle and SahilD.

It follows the story of the two of them going inside Heavenly Host Elementary School on the time of Corpse Party. It also has a continuation, Onbizzle and SahilD's Heavenly Host Adventure Part 2, following the two of them in Corpse Party: Book of Shadows universe.


Onbizzle and Sahil, two questionable friends, decide to do the Sachiko Ever After charm and are transported to Heavenly Host Elementary School in the same time frame as the story for Corpse Party. They meet and interact with the characters, find their own borderline acceptable way to appeasing the ghosts and Sachiko Shinozaki, and escape from Heavenly Host Elementary School.


WARNING: This fan fiction is rated Fiction T (Teen [13+]). It contains vulgar language, violence, and possible suggestive themes.

Authors' Notes

Onbizzle and SahilD's Heavenly Host Adventure is a story that details what Sahil and Onbizzle would do if they were in Corpse Party universe. While it didn't start out as a story, Onbizzle thought it'd be fun to do it as such. For the good of the story and allows room for creativity, this is the "American version" of Corpse Party.

SahilD warns any potential readers, "Warning: The parts that I wrote are pretty bad so just letting you know ahead of time."

Also Onbizzle suggests, "If any of my friends actually decide to read this and don't know the story to Corpse Party, then in advance, yes: Everything mentioned is more or less how the story goes. Don't question it, just remember this game was made in Japan."


  • While the story never mentions the full names of characters, the writers tell them.
  • The story is written in segments: one of the creators writes one part of the story, the other creator writes another.
  • The story doesn't use the correct format of dialogue, making it slightly difficult to read.
  • While Sahil in the story constantly drops his cell phone, the real Sahil holds onto his phone like it's his firstborn child.
  • While Onbizzle in the story is frequent to violent actions, the real Onbizzle is not prone to violence.