Bah! I refuse to believe that we are trapped in one of your stupid horror stories!

—Lloyd DeWitt, Corpse Party: New Blood

Lloyd DeWitt





170.2 cm/5'7"


72 kg/159 lbs

Birth Date

June 23rd Cancer Button

Blood Type



Seven Sisters High School


High School Student




Classroom 59




The Dark, Ghost Stories


Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Unknown Sister

Lloyd DeWitt is the main character from Corpse Party: New Blood.


Lloyd's personality is determined by the player, but he does have canon personailties that are listed here:

Lloyd is a cheerful, upbeat, never-say-die type of youth who was well liked by his peers. His transfer to a middle-of-nowhere land with no community to speak of has affected his maturation to adulthood. Lloyd attended his third year in elementary school in the same class as Patrick James Lowell, Rose Belnades and Lucas Amano and where they got along well.


Corpse Party: Restless Dreams

Template:Spoiler/CPNB In Corpse Party: Restless Dreams, Lloyd is another member of Class 59 and is the vice-president of the Class, while he keeps up with his studies he often gets into trouble along Patrick and his friends and is often annoyed by it greatly.

During the festival, Lloyd and his friends run a butler cafe for a joke and after the festival, Adriana calls them to the classroom to reveal the Sachiko Ever After charm, and decides to preform the charm with his friends but after something goes wrong they appear in Heavenly Host, and he is trapped with Patrick's younger sister Anna and his friend Rose.

All three of them pair up and wonder the halls of the old schoolhouse until they come across the hanging ghost of Seiko Shinohara and run away from her after she scared them, the three of them would later encounter Lucas in a mirror in the boys bathroom on the third floor and the two groups split information between the nexus to solve puzzles on both sides.

Lloyd and his group eventually manage to cross another closed space in Chapter 5 with the help of Lucas and Patrick's group as they all decide to finally put an end to Heavenly Host once and for all and the Cult of Shinozaki.

Corpse Party: Restless Dreams ~You WIll (Not) Live~

In Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~Lloyd died in Heavenly Host, while the Lowell Siblings escaped, he was killed by Yuki Kanno after he attempted to save Roland from her, he appears to hold a grudge on Pat for leaving his body inside Heavenly Host, he appears in front of Patrick who is now a retired Homicide Detective and is working as a History teacher in Seven Sisters High School, he only appeared to remind Patrick about his sins and vanished, it is later revealed that he was the one responsible for Anna Lowell's supposed suicide.

Lloyd is seen again where he is fighting against the leader of the Cult of Shinozaki to let Patrick and his friends escape to the next closed space where he also follows them into the closed space as well.

Corpse Party: Devil's Flute

In Corpse Party: Devil's Flutethe alternate ending to Corpse Party: Restless Dreams, Lloyd survived the Corpse Party Incident along with Anna Lowell, he graduated High School and later married Anna after he graduated from University, later in his life he became a Psychologist at Seven Sisters High School and helped many students before being dragged to Heavenly Host by one of two cluts whom now roam the halls of Heavenly Host namely the Clut of Shinozaki.

When he awoken he noticed that he was back in room 2-9 where the group first explored Heavenly Host, later he encounters the spirit of Rose Belnades and she tells him to watch out for Patrick and Roland who kill anyone they come across, after he evades both of them Lloyd encounters the soul of Adriana who tells him how she died, later he maniges to free her soul and goes to free the remainder of his friends, only to be almost killed by Ramhead, the leader of the second cult known as The Brotherhood. 


  • Lloyd is based on another character from Clock Tower 4, he was to appear in Clock Tower 4 as a minor character and was to be killed by Scissorman in Chapter 7.
  • In the beta version of Corpse Party: New Blood, the player had the option of naming Lloyd before the game began, at this point he was only known as the Protagonist and this option was carried over to Sweet Home: Grave Torments.
  • In Sweet Home: Grave Torments Lloyd survived the events of Corpse Party: New Blood as he is mentioned by Jessie to the main characters of Sweet Home.
  • Lloyd shares his last name with Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite.
  • Interestingly for both Lloyd and Jessie are seen as counterparts to each other, given the situation.
    • For an example, Lloyd is seen as a humble person and is willing to help anyone that he comes across, and he is a model student, while Jessie is seen as a troublemaker and a delinquent, who only uses others to sometimes better himself.
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