I trust you know why I'm here, I came to follow you...

—Jennifer Simpson, Corpse Party: New Blood ~Past Fear~

Jennifer Simpson
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16 years old (New Blood ~Past Fear~)
27 years old(Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~)




170.1 cm / 5'7"


56.6 kg/ 125 lbs

Birth Date

September 12th Virgo Button

Blood Type


Bust Size







The dark
Being alone


Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Unknown Uncle
Unknown Aunt
Jessie Lowell (Cousin)
Roland Lowell (Cousin)
Anna Lowell (Cousin)

Jennifer Simpson is a character who is mentioned in Corpse Party: New Bloodshe survived Heavenly Host a couple years ago in the New Blood prequel Corpse Party: New Blood ~Past Fear~



Jennifer is seen as a quiet and Polite girl in Corpse Party: New Blood ~Past Fear~ and is usually seen talking with her friends in the prologue of the game, while in Corpse Party: New Blood she has the air of a wise teacher and is well liked among the students of Seven Sisters High School.


Corpse Party: New Blood ~Past Fear~


In Corpse Party: New Blood ~Past Fear~ Jennifer is the main character of the prequel to Corpse Party: New Blood,  she and her friends stayed later after School one night and told ghost stories about Seven Sisters High School, but as they were about to leave they got dragged into Heavenly Host as one of her friends mentioned Sachiko Shinozaki, as she awoke she was with her friend Laura and they travelled trhough Heavenly Host trying to find a way out, but as they did manage to escape  their friends were never heard from again.

Later she graduated High School and became Seven Sisters psyclologist, after the events of Past Fear, her friend Laura commited Suicide and Jennifer decided to try to go back to Heavenly Host but failed to do so every time.

Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~

In Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~ Jennifer is the older cousin to Jessie Lowell and Seven Sisters High School's psychologist, she is usually seen in the School Library reading books on the topic, she is dragged into Heavenly Host along with the group, as she did not do the Sachiko Ever After Charm, she is seen in Chapter 4, finding her younger Cousin Roland and Lloyd Echizen running away from Yuki Kanno and she manages to save them.

She Later encounters Yui Shishido, and tells Yui tells Jennifer to look for the rest of the students to make sure they are safe, later Jennifer escapes Heavenly Host and tries to find a seal to stop more people from entering the school.


  • Jennifer is based on Jennifer Simpson from the Clock Tower series, the real protagonist from Clock Tower was to appear in the Clock Tower 4 duology, and in Clock Tower 5: Dead Patient.