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Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation, Tagline

Corpse Party D2:
Fatal Operation
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Corpse Party


Team Despair


Jackkel Dragon




RPG Maker VX Ace




Horror Adventure

Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation is a RPG Maker VX Ace game based on the original NEC PC-9801 version of CORPSE-PARTY featuring influences and designs from Corpse Party for the PlayStation Portable. The game was written by Jackkel Dragon and illustrated by Hiragi-HOUX of Team Despair. It is the sequel to Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair. It is known under the abbreviation CPD2F.


The story of Heavenly Host High School is not the only urban legend that began in the town of Tenjin...

Decades ago, a hidden operating room was found under the local Divine Blessing Hospital. It is said that a rogue doctor committed horrible experiments in this room, but all information about the doctor and his work seemed to disappear before anyone could learn the truth.

Six souls are drawn into a twisted recollection of the mad doctor's project, cut off from the outside world. Soon, they will learn the truth of the old Divine Blessing Hospital and its creator...


The majority of the cast of characters trapped inside Divine Blessing Hospital:


  • Corpse Party D2: Fatal Operation is based on ENDING RANK: D-2 in CORPSE-PARTY.
    • It also takes place several days after the "Mended Soul" ending in Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair.
  • Canon from the Corpse Party continuity are used as the basis for the Corpse Party D2 continuity.

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