Ending a nightmare begins another...

—Corpse Party -ever after-, (Tagline)

Corpse Party -ever after-
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Corpse Party
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Survival Horror, Adventure

Corpse Party -ever after- is a RPG Maker VX Ace game made by SkyBird027. It is known under the abbreviations CP-ea- and CPea.

Corpse Party -ever after- has a similar gameplay to Corpse Party. The story unfolds as you explore the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School. Failing to meet certain requirements could lead the players into a wrong end.


Having noticed the continuous growth of his two best friends' fight, Hazeru Yoshino decided to help the two of them make up. Already using many methods and failing in every single one of them, he turned to the internet for some help regarding the situation. It was then that he stumbled upon the blog post of Naho Saenoki. The last post contained the instructions of the Sachiko Ever After charm, a charm that promises the everlasting friendship of those who perform it. Believing that it will finally bring the end of his two best friends' fight, he decided to do the charm with them.

If only he knew of the nightmare that he and his friends will face...


The main cast consists of the three students from Tokimori Senior High School:

  • Hazeru Yoshino: The main protagonist. Concern about the fight between his two friends led him to discover the Sachiko Ever After charm.
  • Yuzuki Akaji: Hazeru's best friend from childhood who is kind and caring in nature.
  • Ikaru Kajiura: Hazeru's best friend who is not afraid to speak harshly in order to prove a point.
  • Naho Saenoki : A male version of the real Naho Saenoki, even killed by darkness.

Current Status

  • Currently at Version 3.1 of the demo.
  • It is being released in chapters, the later releases containing fixes for errors of previous chapters.


  • Corpse Party -ever after- is unspecifically set in a time after the events of Corpse Party. It shows interpretations of the events at Heavenly Host after the Kisaragi Academy incident.

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