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In these cursed halls, pray all you want... God still won't hear your cries

—Corpse Party: New Blood, (Tagline)

Corpse Party: New Blood
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Video Game Information
Japanese Title

コープスパーティー: New Blood (コープスパーティー:新しい血, Kōpusupātī: Atarashī chi)


Corpse Party
Corpse Party: The New Blood Saga


Devil's Light Studio




RPG Maker VX Ace




Horror, puzzle

Corpse Party: New Blood is a qasi-sequel to Corpse Party: Blood Covered, it takes place five years after Corpse Party: BloodCovered and features new characters as they fight to survive in the School.

A fan-game version is going to be developed by Devil's Light Studio.


The main plot of Corpse Party: New Blood builds on Naho's comment on her blog that the Sachiko Ever After charm might work in forgein countries, so a group from Seven Sisters High School decides to try it out at the suggestion of Adriana's Pen-Pal, Ayumi Shinozaki who used the charm with her friends, but as they use the charm it goes wrong and they are dragged into Heavenly Host where they were split up by the force of the charm, they must now venture through a darker and hostile Heavenly Host to uncover a secret more darker than they have ever imagined.


The cast of characters are the group of students from Seven Sisters High School.

  • Lloyd DeWitt: Lloyd is the protagonist of New Blood. He is quiet and usually very thoughtfull of his surroundings. He fills the role of Satoshi Mochida in this story.
  • Meiko Nakashima: A popular girl in Class 59 and is the cousin of Naomi Nakashima from Corpse Party. She is a transfer student from Kisaragi Academy. She takes the role of Naomi Nakashima in the story.
  • Adriana Echols: Class 59's classroom occultist. She is a person of many faiths and likes to scare her fellow classmates with her scary stories and crazy theroies. She is well known among the students as a "Person who loves to perform charms". She takes the role of Ayumi Shinozaki in this story.
  • Jessie Lowell: The largest and the most kindhearted of the characters. Because of his large stature he is often feared by the younger students of their classroom. He is meek and somewhat timid under his facade as a delinquent and goes by his friend's nickname for him which is "Chubs". He takes the role of Yoshiki Kishinuma in this story.
  • Cheryl Belnades: She takes half of Naomi Nakashima's role in the story, she is paired up with her friend Chelsea. She often butts heads with both Lloyd and Lucas with Jessie often trying to break up their fights, she is mostly what Lloyd calls her, 'Very Girlish...". She also takes the role of Naomi Nakashima in the story.
  • Lucas Amano: A member of Jessie's gang and Seven Sister High School's self proclaimed "Player". He is the second in command for the group.
  • Anna Lowell: Anna is Jessie's spoiled younger sister. She is a member of the Junior High School's Basketball team, she often gets into fights with her older brother Roland. She takes the role of Yuka Mochida in the story.
  • Roland Lowell: Roland is Jessie's and Anna's younger brother. He is very vindictive and also very nosy, he is also a member of the local Boy Scout troop.
  • Chelsea Hargreaves: Chelsea is Cheryl's best friend and is one of the craziest student in the group. She takes the role of Seiko Shinohara in the story.
  • Kaori Suou : A transfer student from Byakudan Senior High School, she was friends with Yuuya Kizami and Kensuke Kurosaki until they dissapeared.
  • James DeWitt: James is Lloyd's older cousin, he attends St. John's Military Academy: A rivaling school with Seven Sisters High School, how he ended up in Heavenly Host with his classmates is a mystery.


Like the rest of BraveVesperia101's stories, Corpse Party: New Blood is connected to his other stories, here are some notable connections.

  • Corpse Party: New Blood and Persona: Red Midnight happen in the same city, but Persona: Red Midnight takes place within the city of Lunarvale and Corpse Party: New Blood takes place in a suburb of Lunarvale called Arunagi which the Arunagi District is on the 'American Side' of the city while the city of Lunarvale is right on the border. The Arunagi District not explorable during Red Midnight and Lunarvale Secondary High School is mentioned in New Blood.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Hyrulian Chronicles is a video game series that is mentioned by Lloyd DeWitt and Jessie Lowell as they both comment that they managed to beat it in 25 hours.
  • Anna Lowell's favorite manga/light novel series is Tegami Bachi: Spiritra Evolved which she is seen reading in the cafeteria.