I just want to atone for my sins... but I never got the chance to say goodbye to them...


Corpse Party: Devil's Flute
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Video Game Information
Japanese Title

コープスパーティー:悪魔のフルート (Kōpusupātī: Akuma no furūto)


Corpse Party: The New Blood Saga


Devil's Light Studio


RPG Maker VXAce



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Horror Adventure

Corpse Party: Devil's Flute (Or known by its alternative title, Corpse Party: New Blood ~Devil's Flute~) is another ending and possible sequel to Corpse Party: New Blood. It follows Lloyd DeWitt  as he manages to escape the cursed halls of Heavenly Host with Anna Lowell. The story picks up fifteen years after the events of Corpse Party: New Blood and connects Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Original Cut~ and Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~.

While the story is mostly a fan-game, the only chapters written were the first two chapters of the story and has been dropped, but two members of the New Blood team are in the middle of making a playable version of Devil's Flute with RPG Maker VX Ace as a side project.


Following the events of Corpse Party: New Blood, Lloyd DeWitt has forgot about his trials inside the cursed halls of Heavenly Host and has settled down with his wife Anna Lowell (the sister of his best friends Jessie and Roland Lowell). He has seen apparitions of his friends haunting him from day to day and has decided to forget about everything that has to do with Heavenly Host, but since he has been dragged to the school by a local cult that calls themselves The Brotherhood, Lloyd must now escape with all of his will in order to leave Heavenly Host and appease his friend's spirits.


  • Lloyd DeWitt (Age 31): Lloyd was the main character of Corpse Party: New Blood, he escaped Heavenly Host with Anna Lowell whom he married after college, he consiantly thinks about his old friends time-to-time and curses himself for not being able to save them, he works as Seven Sisters High School's Psychologist in place of Jennifer Simpson who was the former one during the events of New Blood.
  • Anna Lowell (Age 29): Anna was the younger sister to Jessie and Roland Lowell, she escaped Heavenly Host with Lloyd and later married him after the events of New Blood, she usually sees the spirits of her brothers as they try to commuicate with her, she has her brother's ability to sence spirits and is a certified Medium and clarvoyant.
  • Jessie Lowell (Age 16 at death): Jessie was one of the students that was trapped inside of Heavenly Host, he died after he was left behind in the school and was later killed while trying to escape, he died after he was caught in a magic circle and pushed Lloyd out of it while he was impailed by metal pipes and spikes.
  • Cheryl Belnades (Age 16 at death): Cheryl was another student who was also trapped in Heavenly Host, she was left behind in Heavenly Host and died after she was impailed by a wooden stake, her spirit is the only one that can calm down Jessie's vengeful soul.
  • Adriana Echols (Age 16 at Death): Adriana was a student who was also trapped with her friends, how she died is a mystery but is suggested that she also escaped but committed suicide out of grief, she was the medium of the group and also passed on her skills to Anna Lowell along with Jessie.
  • Roland Lowell (Age 14 at death): Roland was Jessie's younger brother and Anna's older brother, he was also trapped inside Heavenly Host with his friends, he died after he was attacked by Yuki Kanno and was killed, his body was preserved by her in a magic circle and tries to renter his body.

Connection to the two versions of Corpse Party: New Blood

Corpse Party: Devil's Flute is the only title in New Blood saga that connects both Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~ and Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Original Cut~ as the cult is seen in ~The Original Cut~ and is only mentioned in the ~The Extended Cut~ timeline as the main reason the characters got sent to Heavenly Host Pre-School, but the Pre-School is only mentioned in Devil's Flute and is not the main setting in the story.

The cult is only mentioned in Corpse Party: Blood Feast, the true sequel to Corpse Party: New Blood, as Adriana mentions them and she thinks that they are behind Heavenly Host being connected to Seven Sisters High School.


  • While this is a sequel to Corpse Party: New Blood, it is only an alternative ending to New Blood and on the New Blood Timeline it is parallel to New Blood if, which follows Jessie Lowell after he escaped Heavenly Host with his siblings.