Listen if you don't spill what you know Naho, I'll bust your skull open myself!

—Cheryl Belnades, Corpse Party: New Blood

Cheryl Belnades



16 years old




167.6 cm / 5'6"


61 kg / 134 lbs

Birth Date

August 13th Leo Button

Blood Type

O (Rh+) type

Bust Size



Seven Sisters High School


High School student


11th grade


class 59




To use Jessie's stomach as a pillow, reading


The dark, being alone


Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Aria Belnades (Sister)
Jeremy Belnades (Brother)

Cheryl Belnades is the main character to Corpse Party: New Blood, a student of Seven Sisters High School and a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary school.



Cheryl has a very tomboyish attitude, she is often seen fighting with others and is willing to challenge anyone to a fight, many students say that she has enough strengh that she can take on an entire army with her own fists.


Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~

Template:Spoiler/CPNB In Corpse Party: New Blood ~The Extended Cut~ Cheryl is the treasurer of class 59 and a member of the School's boxing club, while she does not love her job as the treasurer she does it because at least she is helping people in her class.

After the school festival she is called to the classroom by Adriana Echols who tells them about the Sachiko Ever After charm and asks them to preform the charm with her, but Cheryl is hesitant to join as she thinks that the charm will backfire on them, but joins after Jessie Lowell tells her that everything will be ok, after they preform the charm they end up in Heavenly Host elementary, when she wakes up she notices that she is with her friend Chelsea Hargreaves.

Later, Cheryl encounters Naho Saenoki and they make small talk and it results in Naho mocking that she will never find the one she cares about, this causes Cheryl to get en-raged and she begins to choke Naho with all of her force, but since Naho is a ghost she dissapears leaving Cheryl screaming in rage.

Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~

In Corpse Party: New Blood ~You Will (Not) Live~, it is revealed that Cheryl did survive the events of the alternate ending of Corpse Party: New Blood where she graduated high school along with Jessie and became a psychologist, she later married Jessie Lowell and the two had a son and daughter, however one night she died of an unknown causes, it is revlealed that she was killed by the ghost of Adriana by snapping her neck while she was sleeping, her death resulted in Jessie retiring from the Homicide department.

Corpse Party: Devil's Flute

In Corpse Party: Devil's Flute, Cheryl died while trying to escape from the school, she first appears three years before the events of Devil's Flute before a group of students and almost kills them before she dissapears once more, she later appears in front of Lloyd Echizen and tells him to leave before they come and get him, but fails to do so, she is later seen wandering through out the halls where she sees Lloyd once more and tells him how she died.

Cheryl tried to escape but only ended up falling down a hole and was impailed by a couple of wooden stakes that fell from the ceiling killing her instantly, she then tells Lloyd to watch out for Jessie and Roland, as they will kill anyone they come across, as Jessie killed almost all of the cult members alone, counting for all of the corpses in the main building, she later holds back the Atomical model for Lloyd and his class so they can escape Heavenly Host, she wishes Lloyd eternal peace for the remander of his life. 


  • In Corpse Party: New Blood, it is mentioned that Cheryl does not have a crush on Lloyd, but a crush on Jessie, which the others are shocked at this reveal.
  • Cheryl survived the events of Corpse Party: New Blood, as she is mentioned by Jessie in Sweet Home: Grave Torments
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