You knew what would happen Ayumi! why would you give me such a charm!

—Adriana Echols, Corpse Party: New Blood

Adriana Echols



16 years old




162.6 cm / 5'4"



Birth Date

August 20th Leo Button

Blood Type

B (Rh+) type

Bust Size

C cup


Seven Sisters High School


Leader of the paranormal club
High school student


11th grade



Adriana Echols is an original character created by BraveVesperia101, a main character of Corpse Party: New Blood Saga, a student from Seven Sisters High School and a victim trapped inside Heavenly Host Elementary School.


Adriana is a teenage girl of above average height and below average weight with blonde straight hair that always cover her left eye and blue eyes. She wears the Seven Sisters High School uniform.


Adriana is seen as a very mysterious student by many others in their school, and as such is often seen as weird, but her true colors are seen when she is with her group of friends, she is mostly loud and easy going about her studies and her status as "The queen of all things scary".

In Corpse Party: New Blood she takes a role of Ayumi Shinozaki.


Corpse Party: New Blood

Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party: New Blood follow

Chapter 1

She is first seen as the characters talk about her wanting to meet them at the gym. After they come in she tells them about the Sachiko Ever After and that her pen-pal Ayumi told her about it. Everyone are sketchy, but Adriana convinces them to do it. Anna and Roland then walk into the gym and Adriana invites to do the charm together. They all do it and an eartquake starts. She commands everyone to run towards the door, but she was too late: The floor opened up and they all were sucked into it.

Significant plot details end here.


  • Adriana is based off of Adriana from the canceled fanfiction Clock Tower 4: Genesis and Clock Tower 4: Revelations. She was to appear in Clock Tower 5: Dead Patient but was cancelled in favor for Corpse Party: New Blood and it's sequels.
  • Adriana is mentioned to have a older cousin, but does not talk about him because acording to her, "He murdered someone dear to us all..."
  • In Sweet Home: Grave Torments, Adriana seemed to have survived the incident in Heavenly Host, as Jessie mentions that she sent him to the haunted mansion to bring back evidence for the owner that is was haunted.
  • In the bad ending of Corpse Party: New Blood where Adriana killed Ayumi is based on Wrong END 2 ★3, where Ayumi was sliced in half.


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